Exciting developments, exciting research and good news from the publisher. Also excited about my next few meetings coming up. So much good news today, am so blessed to have uncovered and discovered all I did. Unlocked some hidden drawers in the scenario, which may prove quite useful. Had lunch with a good friend and doctor’s appointment. Made a good book contact. Blessed today!

Little sleep but what a good, good day. Had the strength after a few hours of shut-eye to get some things done. Working as much as possible on Miss Jamie’s story and may try to get a lot accomplished this summer in every spare moment. Because the value and importance of the knowledge we’ll be revealing has got to get published and put out there. Sure, many may not read what we have poured our hearts and souls into, but not our worry. We will have made every effort with our limited skills to broadcast our message, raise awareness, and perhaps build a platform for future speaking opportunities. Will be wonderful to see how God works.

Please! Another chance to make it right? A Second Chance? It’s not that the direction or focus of our book has changed, but the title is being amended…..Second Chances.┬áSo it goes against the business cards we already ordered to distribute, which entitles it slightly differently, in these early days of book production and composition. Who cares? We talked at length a few hours back. Things seem to be going well. We’re planning another conference again in a few months. Excited for that and fixing to have several questions and developments to go over with Jamie. I’ll probably take her a hard copy of the manuscript, too…..however far we have it by then. That’ll be easier that way for me to note her changes and things.

On the other hand, can’t wait for the fall or whenever. We’d like to have her here to our place in the South. Wouldn’t it be nice? The girls on the beach. Remember the Beach Boys? I sure do, awakening from my coma in the hospital with the sounds of their recording/cassette playing in my ear. (Thank you. A big shout out to my mother.) Would love to take Jamie to one or several of the area beaches, a vacationer’s dream; maybe could even work on the manuscript by one of the Gulf beaches, or the Caloosahatchee RIVER. That there is an inside joke.

Anyway, spent 7 hours today at work on things. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. No pain, no gain. You can’t steal second (base) with your foot on first. He who hesitates is poor. My daughter and I excited about a trip to see her later this summer. We’ll get a lot done, feel it already. Excited to get our names out there but we will take our time….want to do it right. No turning back once it’s sent in, to the publisher, that is. And even my debut book, which I thought had been scrupulously checked and comprehensively analyzed, was not without error. Maybe because I hadn’t utilized another set of eyes, and that from a lady’s perspective, like this time.

We’re good. Off to the races.

Returned today from a conference with my co-author, Miss Jamie. Spent countless hours collaborating over the direction of the book in progress we’re working on. Even in these initial stages, it’s exciting to see the direction of things begin to take place. Revitalized today when many new ideas came to mind we’ll talk about. Can’t wait.

What a good day to be with one of my friends. Also having endured brain trauma, this young lady and I got together at Taco Bell. She poured her heart out to me. Some of the things she spoke of were despicable, nearly intolerable. Were she ‘normal,’ I’m sure she could do something about the conditions she is having to endure. At this point, all I can do is pray for her and will help her more down the road.

I am soon fixing to meet with a gal I met on the facebook brain injury support group page. First, overwhelmed by all the love, support, and encouragement the members on there offer each other. I am on a mission with this particular gal to help her get disability, contact a physician and attorney, talk about our/her new normal and how to get others to understand and cope- recently discovered many new things, possibly work on a book project. We hope to have a good good time.

Well, seems like I haven’t posted here for awhile. Feverishly gathering materials to help a TBI friend in NE Georgia in a few weeks. In a nutshell, going to help in five or six ways, I believe. First, a brain injury review or synopsis. Helping with her disability case. Trying to get docs and lawyers lined up. Book ideas, may help in writing my next book. Cognitive tips on computer software. And maybe an intro to neurofatigue.

I am so excited and blessed for the facebook group I’ve joined not long ago, the brain injury support group. Wendy Proctor, its organizer, is doing a fabulous job. Amazing there are so many of us around the world.

Staying busy. Really focused researching some things for the next disability case I might be assisting with. Seems daily I’m adding more things to our agenda when I meet with the young lady, Jamie, in a few weeks. Hope to get a lot done with her and really be an assistance when we meet up.

Also on this quick “business trip,” made plans with my good friend Smitty and Bethel church one day. Really getting excited.

Very excited about the brain inury reading and new books I’ve begun. So many new insights.

Equally as excited about my upcoming books. Can’t remember if I posted here that Tate Publishing did go under. What a shame. We’ll see what comes. Yesterday sent one to a new publisher who wanted to see my work. My Mitochondrial Disease book has taken a slightly different direction as some key players dropped out. The next brain injury book I’m doing is starting to take a different shape, as well.

Been putting a packet of materials together for my friend in Georgia, Jamie Whitlock. We’re trying to help this dedicated, hard-working young lady get disability. Heartbroken so many of my TBI friends have been left in a jam. That the government would have no more empathy and care for us is beyond me. Hopefully we’ll be able to draw some people’s attention.

Located this young woman on a brain injury page on facebook. A big shout-out to Wendy Proctor, the site’s director or moderator. It is phenomenal how we who have been tried by “fire,” as it were, can encourage and support each other. Such would know that only those of us who are enduring a brain injury can accurately understand each other’s plight. Each of our cases is unique and distinct; yet multiple parallels and characteristics we share.

Crazy. Recently noticing what probably not too many others see. I’ve been awakened to more dear people adversely affected by the horrors of brain trauma, and this has occurred on a daily basis. Physicians, courts, employers, and the government all turn a blind eye to these souls in despair. I am working frivolously on the case of Donna Frank to help her get disability. What she has had to endure makes me gasp. A gentleman I meet with weekly, Frank Lott, has his share of troubles. A stolen mind along with the inability to walk. Physically, we hope to get better but what about all other areas? It has been a joy to work closely with the local hospital and mentor those with brain trauma. Their monthly TBI support group is amazing. One of my sweet friends there, Jordan Hendrix, also has been plagued by this “invisible injury.” Multiple similarities, yet our cases differ extensively regarding extent, affects, and outlook. Watching her persevere against all odds is amazing. She has absolutely been a great influence on me. I have been blessed, also, to be a part of a facebook brain injury support group. Thank you, thank you whoever put it together. Happy again but sad. Glad there are so many of us to rally behind one another, but sad for how many instances of this dreaded reality there are. One of the sweet ladies, in fact, may be the subject of one of my next books. Jaime Whitlock has been through ordeal after ordeal related to her brain injury. We want to shed light on some of the hurtful and harmful things that are occurring. Particularly her, but even on a national and international scale.