Don’t think I had been to Cold Stone before. Loved it, especially bumping into a sweet lady there, who offered to be a proofreader of the manuscript for me one day. Turns out Happy works in the local schools. Called her Happy because she made me happy. Didn’t realize such caliber of quality Christian women existed. Phenomenal having met her. The Spirit is moving, she is a sister in Christ. One day together forever. Will you be with us? Hope ya’ll sense it too. The end is near. I point that out over and over in The Book of James….make your decision for the Lord. Believe and receive, baby. One day you will not have a choice.

Well, after Cold Stone, it got chilly. Chili’s. Eatin’ good in the neighborhood, or is that Applebees? Much more progress with the book. Remarkable improvements. Left because of inadequate lighting.

Please remember the Clary family today. Very saddening, this the day of James’ birth in 1978. The grief had been subsiding a little, but this day of pain maddening.

Finally finished the manuscript’s seventh edit today. Need a day or two of break to rest before inputting the changes into the computer. Still hope to use my friend’s comments from yesterday.

Needing encouragement and prayer like never before. Please pray for my friend, Debby Clary, the mother of James, Jr., the subject of my book. Born in 1978, his birthday was tomorrow, October 6. These are rough moments. Prayers appreciated.

What a good word today: Jesus is alive. Don’t you feel Him? His return is so close. Just like my message in THE BOOK OF JAMES, don’t be one day too late turning your life around. The day of salvation is today.

Good, good progress on the book. Still doing the 8th edit onto the 7th printed manuscript, if that makes sense. Makes cents two me. Still feeling God’s presence each moment as I sit down and work on it. Not me. Christ in me.

A friend of mine in the area- I’ll refer to her as Karla- sent me some messages. Posting because I think it’s a breath of fresh air for all of us:

‘Glad you found a way to reconcile with tragedy and move forward with growth and character development. What the enemy meant for evil, God will turn for good….the Lord isn’t finished with you yet. He who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion.’

Applicable, I do believe, to each and every one of us. If I can squeeze some of that in the final chapters of the book, I will.

Met the lady of my dreams today, Suzette. That’s because she was the boss at Subway and made me a deal lol. Love going there and working. Or writing. Or eating. Or socializing.

Such an encouragement at lunch. My waitress, Miss Krista, was a breath of fresh air. Had originally gone to ‘Steve’s Place’ to work and study. In between all she did, however, she inquired about all my projects. Especially interested in ‘The Book of James.’ Back to work lol

Subway….I’m lovin’ it lol. Great talk this afternoon with Shawn. We encouraged each other, remarkable where you can find new friends. Turns out his wife is an experienced editor and seasoned writer. They may be interested in my book projects. Hopefully we can get together soon. Wouldn’t it be nice if Candyce can help me edit and somehow we help her get published. If only publishers could read this and contact me: she has an excellent story.

If I were any better today, I would be triplets lol. Such an encouraging visit last week with Jim and Debby. So, so helpful. Jim and I had fun golfing. Thinks he’s got game, ha. Hadn’t seen one-handed man play in a while. Fun memories. Took part in a medical mission.

Hours upon hours thinking and editing; maybe it’s more thinking about editing. No, Debby’s a slave-driver. Keeping me reminded about all the deadlines. Very good work lately, today in particular, on the SIXTH draft. Appreciate the help and thoughts and insight of several friends. You never know how valuable somebody is until you need them. Been texting my editor in Arkansas, not sure what’s up there. Get -er done. Yeah, baby, we will.

Happy happy. Just completed the fifth or sixth edit of the book, well, all but a little end matter. What’s the matter? What’s it matter? Elated to be done eight hours today of hard work. So glad also to swing by Target today and actually a little book advertising, all three. Paije and ____ (oops) excited to learn about what is up in my life. Taking them a book tomorrow. Glad to advertise The Book of James. Also, met someone today soon moving to Florida, Cindy Lou. She is an author too. Offered to help me edit. When we finish with it, it might be good. lol Of course it might be. The power of positive speculations.

Say title quick three times…. “update” lol The new hope today, new dream, new vision becoming a reality for yours truly. Ready to make the edits and put them into the computer on the fifth draft of “The Book of James”. Had a good break last week, preoccupied with other things. Now the office is calling. Touched base with my editor in Arkansas earlier today. May get together with her in a few months, we’ll see where we are. Excited about things. Grateful to have been given the go-ahead on this project. Making plans to visit with the family from California about whose son the memoir is next week.