Happy to have found a great church body, Ocean Church. With permission, I am referencing and analyzing their church mission statement in THE BOOK OF JAMES and applying some of the points from various messages. Just last night (Genesis 45.3-8), which applies so clearly to the book:

1. Form your character to be rightly ordered like God’s
2. God’s power is bigger than our mistakes
3. Set your course to be faithful
4. God determines the direction of our lives; you determine how far you go.

Also saw Sunshine last night. She is my dear friend and offered to be a proofreader of the manuscript for us. Happy, also, to speak to another dear friend, Pastor Kyle. He said he would give an endorsement of the book. That’s called belief, baby. Trusting things to fall into place. Working on chapter division, at this point figuring to have 27.

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