Be ye cleansed of evil. What an excellent morning. Accompanied by Pastor Paul Cords in the attempt to remove the points from my driving record. We’d taken the proper steps, other than my paying my fine/ticket in advance. (Wanted to get-er-done.) Forgot to print something. After running back to his office, he fixed me up and told me what to say. The second time at the courthouse, got called by #5. Number 6 had seen us the first time, though, and knew what was up. So waited a moment for her. She’ll deliver the paperwork to the (relatively new) judge. Hoping he’ll be lenient.

Inadvertently drove on the wrong road halfway to see the doctor then. Had to make time, able to find the right route. Happy to have sailed through most of the traffic lights. Appointment with my neuropsychiatrist went well. So good to be around Miss Kerry. Had a great appointment.

Last but not least, back to the church, Crossroads, to pick up some groceries I’d left there and forgotten. Ready for some football now with my youngins.

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