Please! Another chance to make it right? A Second Chance? It’s not that the direction or focus of our book has changed, but the title is being amended…..Second Chances. So it goes against the business cards we already ordered to distribute, which entitles it slightly differently, in these early days of book production and composition. Who cares? We talked at length a few hours back. Things seem to be going well. We’re planning another conference again in a few months. Excited for that and fixing to have several questions and developments to go over with Jamie. I’ll probably take her a hard copy of the manuscript, too…..however far we have it by then. That’ll be easier that way for me to note her changes and things.

On the other hand, can’t wait for the fall or whenever. We’d like to have her here to our place in the South. Wouldn’t it be nice? The girls on the beach. Remember the Beach Boys? I sure do, awakening from my coma in the hospital with the sounds of their recording/cassette playing in my ear. (Thank you. A big shout out to my mother.) Would love to take Jamie to one or several of the area beaches, a vacationer’s dream; maybe could even work on the manuscript by one of the Gulf beaches, or the Caloosahatchee RIVER. That there is an inside joke.

Anyway, spent 7 hours today at work on things. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. No pain, no gain. You can’t steal second (base) with your foot on first. He who hesitates is poor. My daughter and I excited about a trip to see her later this summer. We’ll get a lot done, feel it already. Excited to get our names out there but we will take our time….want to do it right. No turning back once it’s sent in, to the publisher, that is. And even my debut book, which I thought had been scrupulously checked and comprehensively analyzed, was not without error. Maybe because I hadn’t utilized another set of eyes, and that from a lady’s perspective, like this time.

We’re good. Off to the races.

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