Wonderful week, wonderfu day, especially. Thought the first several drafts of THE BOOK OF JAMES: THE LIFE, BRAIN INJURY, AND LEGACY OF JAMES CLARY, JR. were good. Not a bit, I am finding as I have been spending 5-8 hours a day editing and revising. My friends at McDonald’s know me well, me and my Diet Coke ($1.07) nearly every morning. Time gets away as you’re doing stuff. Often the managers and workers come over and want to chat with me. In my mind, I’m like ‘Not now….I’ve got a good thought in my head.’ By the chance we’ve visited, it may be gone. Sometimes forget, sometimes remember. Am putting that McDonald’s in the Acknowledgments section, my fabulous friends. Wilbert had fun one day playing catch with the football with me on the way out. Couldn’t believe one-handed man could do it. What up, Wilbert? This book is almost going to be bigger than life. Taking a lot of work. Want to do James, my beloved and late friend, and his parents, Jim and Debby, proud. One day we’ll get it. Got ahold of another sweet friend that made me the offer of a lifetime. I met Yeniley Garcia. This young lady offered to be a proofreader of the manuscript in the upcoming months, or years. I believe she also will help determine which publisher to use. We want the most exposure for the book to spread the word, the dual message we wish to proclaim. The social media component is huge, glad for her input. Sometimes days end on a high note. This would be one of them. The words I long to hear in 45 minutes: “Welcome to Applebees.”

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