It has been awhile, so it’s time to catch you up to speed. Been in frequent contact with my friend in California. James’ TBI implications, or effects, plague him in a different way, unfortunately. It seems he has no physical impediments; his deal would be all neurological – or cognitive. Must hinder him emotionally, to say the least: to be walking around all fine but with a scrambled brain. No one can really understand, unless their background is medical or they’ve walked in our shoes. One of the few dozen books I’ve read this year is, in fact, of a brain injury survivor who was a physician. Very interesting. Hoping to visit with James at some point and do some presentations.

Encouraging to see my friends’ response when they receive one of my books. Most are like, “Wow, can’t believe it.” A kind lady at school this morning, Erica, seemed very enthused. A handful of my friends have said they’ve seen the book trailer video. The website for it, again:

Not sure whether I revealed on this site what is up, most currently. In addition to my second brain injury project and the overwhelming amount of research, I recently submitted the text and ideas for the book cover I had for the second edition of ‘Till Death Do Us Part.’

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