Wonderful anniversary day today.  Thirteen years married, three happily.  Dana and Aaron away at Teen Missions this week.  Sounds like they’re having a good time.  Not talked to Dana yet, she called the other day when my phone was off.  Alan is taking me to Taco Bell today to celebrate. Shopping also at Target, to get an anniversary gift for my wife.  God is good.

Just played a fun game of Apples to apples with the boys.

Our children are blessed to be going to VBS this week at McGregor.  Gives me more time to work on my writing project.  Things are really starting to come together.  I’ve had a great proof-reader help prepare it, an editor look it over, my pastor write a forward.  Just some last-minute details now.  Then to be briefly re-examined by my editor and submitted to the P.O.D.  Having a website developed and soon to get a logo.  God is so good!