My friend my church Lisa Heard let me speak to her clients this afternoon. First of all, what a wonderful gal. Secondly, her work setting is phenomenal. Delicate and eager hearts and lives are touched daily, and moment by moment, by her care. Felt like I told them what was on my heart—it was also on my notes LOL. Not enough, probably. There are probably never sufficient words to touch dear people’s lives like them. They eagerly told me their duties and activities afterward. You should have seen the smiles on their faces, their exuberance for living. If only we all could live with such enthusiasm. God is so good!

Fantastic day! Finished some mowing in the morning. Reading, research, conference call. Lunch with the HOA boss. On a sour note, received a text from Brandi….Gavin had another EKG to diagnose his (faltering- we dread) brain activity. Countless hours devoted to research and reading. Brandi and I decided on a publisher for her upcoming book. It’ll be a long process, but we’ll make it. Making good headway on my part of it. Also finding time to work on the ‘Till Death Do Us Part’ “sequel” with Tate.

Absolutely delightful worship service this morning at Bethel Church. Love the choir, the preacher was on fire, and the people are phenomenal. One friend arranged a time for me to speak to her customers at work this week.

After church dismissed, some dear friends invited me to lunch. Wonderful time with Barry and Shannon Carver. They took me to Cider House….incredibly delicious. Had a great visit with them. This is beside the point, but next time I need a car I’m going to look up Barry, Ronnie Thompson Ford, Ellijay. His enthusiasm for his work and for the Lord is contagious, and the quantity and quality of his vehicles is only outmatched by the incentives he can offer.

Got so much done this afternoon. Thought about what I will say at the upcoming meeting, then really dug into the text of the Mitochondrial book I’m working on. Very encouraged by the great insights. God is good.

Fantastic church service in the evening. An all age, church-wide talent show….all for the glory of the Lord.

Great time in Oklahoma City. Met our new publisher yesterday in Mustang, and having the time of our lives at Uncle Don and Aunt Joanna’s. Toured the city today and got to visit the Oklahoma City Bombing Memorial. Wow. Incredible, but incredible destruction. Hard to believe it’s been twenty years. Can’t wait to see how the plot develops from here.

Things have been good, really good. Where to start? A friend sent me a video of a product, Mannatech, it sounds wonderful. Like it could really help me medically. (It’s done wonders for their children.) Still to think and pray about it. Preparing for several presentations, to church groups, then one to the intellectually-challenged, or developmentally-delayed, or cognitively-disadvantaged. Too many names for the same thing. “Uniquely gifted” would be another way I look at it. So, doing that, more reading and research for the second book I’m working on, trying to implement a Quicken program for the business, and prepare our yard for the plugs we’re getting to (re)-grow and seed some areas.