As excited as I was to help with the “Loss” project, guess we’re going to hold off. Apparently, the lady is seems overwhelmed by all the curve balls life is throwing at her. Besides the schooling of her two young sons. So I’ll continue – now heavily -with my other writing projects. Currently researching the brain injury sequel and I’l attempt to come up with a tentative outline, chapter designation, maybe bits and pieces of various chapters. Very exciting based upon the readings to this point. And a stark reminder to be filled with the utmost gratitude for how far the Lord has brought me.

This morning I listened to the story a friend told. Melissa and I met at Panera and we reminisced about the development of her faith. As the adage goes, ‘You don’t know how good you have it until you’ve walked in someone else’s shoes.’ Melissa has quite a testimony of faith, it was exciting hearing how the Lord has carried her through the storms in her life. All that to say she’s letting me help write her a book, and, Lord-willing, get it into print. God is good.

It has been awhile since I last posted. Had a busy summer. School started last week which affords more time to work. Looks like we’re having to put the brakes on one of the projects I’d been working on. “Blue Eyes of Hope” will have to hope – and keep the faith. I’ve got little Jade’s pediatric leukemia deal I’ve begun, plus another we’re fixing to begin with Melissa Arterberry. To find out more on Wednesday, though have already done some groundwork. Should be exciting.