Blessed beyond words. The last month or so have truly befriended one of my “clients”- or ladies I advocate for – excuse me, Lee Memorial. Our stories with the TBI’s are somewhat similar, though her instance unique. Were one convinced to look underneath the surface of her skin and see her harsh realities, they would find several things. Her heart of gold, brilliant personality, internal beauty, intertwined with some of the peculiar idiosyncrasies of her unique traumatic brain injury. Most would not even notice the latter. I did not. She presents herself marvelously. It may be that some of her close friends who knew her life pre-trauma and what she was like before may have a better idea. I have encountered no one that has not immediately fallen in love with her. My children adore her. She has such an easy-going personality. They love it when she comes over and can babysit them. That would be one of the highlights of their week.

I am a nobody, more or less, in this situation but am working diligently on this precious one’s behalf. I have been scouring the internet for useful information. We sent a letter to the governor’s office, who has taken an interest in this case, and they are working on it. Contacted me by phone to say as much. We’re finalizing a note to send to the hospital’s financial office and debt forgiveness program. This may be very helpful. And she was encouraged to consult an attorney. Looks like this week they will have their initial meeting. Cognitively, perceptually, emotionally, psychologically, most importantly, financially, damaged beyond degree, this week the young lady may begin to see some light at the end of the tunnel.

Finally, I have taken such a genuine interest in my friend’s case because, with everything within me, I want her to get better. Though she will continue adapting and improving for a lifetime, to help her find her new normal. She reminds me so much of me back in the day when I needed so much assistance. Further, I am so grateful to be able to use this lady’s story as a case study in the next book I am authoring.