Love the song. Thank you, Newsboys. Playing right now on YouTube, more encouraged by the moment. Listen to the lyrics: a message to us.

After a week’s break on The Book of James, though a new book starting to be envisioned and continually working on the devotional, back on track at last. Long live TBOJ. Amazed to consider the opportunities before us. Out of nowhere, almost ex nihilo, has come a new and very dear friend. An author herself, Lisa has offered to assist with the book. So excited to see what develops. Her heart is wonderful. Happens to have a PhD in TBI or trauma; she knows what is up. God is so good.

1. “relationships change with our adult children when (they get older). How do we give advice- should we? Most grandparents are caught in a dilemma of helping two generations without being judgmental or overly intrusive.” (11)
2. “parents…face many common struggles in seeking to relate positively to our adult children while at the same time maintaining our own mental and spiritual health” (12)
3. “‘The choice to be a parent is the choice to have your heart walking around outside your body as long as you live.’ (Anonymous) You are concerned because they are a part of you. The question is, ‘How do I channel my concern?’” (Campbell, Chapman) (12)
4. “‘traditional’ family diminished in importance as our culture became more mobile and diverse.” (16)
5. “There are roles that parents can and should play in the lives of their adult children….we need to better understand our grown sons and daughters.” (17)
6. “great numbers of well-trained young people are looking for fewer and fewer high-paying positions.” (17)
7. “Today’s young people have a different idea of what constitutes ‘the good life.’” (18)
8. “In asking for parental help, they seem to be saying, ‘I need more from you, Mom and Dad.’” (18)
9. “an expectation that Mom and Dad will fund portions of their lives.” (18)
10. “long time to grow up….maturing more slowly; we watch some of them beginning to take responsibility for their lives around age thirty.” (20)
11. “creating a new phase of life between dependent childhood and independent adulthood.” (21)
12. “These differing viewpoints would not be so conflict-producing if our expectations were only for our own lives; but when our expectations lean on our children and seem to create pressures for them, trouble is just around the corner.” (21)
13. “As one father said some years ago, ‘I thought that when the kids were grown, they would take care of themselves, but that isn’t the case. When they marry and have children, my wife and I have that many more people to take care of.’” (22)
14. “a level of emotional dependence he hadn’t expected.” (22)
15. “Parents also find themselves in confrontations with their adult children over dashed expectations.” (22)
16. “We still have many parents and children who work through and enjoy their new relationships as the child becomes an adult.” (22)
17. “Like you, your children care about their future, and they are wrestling to know what to do.” (22-23)

Takeaway points, “How to really love your adult child,” Drs. Gary Chapman and Ross Campbell. (Chapter one)

Can’t wait…this next book I have started will be good, also! Plenty of good research.


Yippee! Things coming together. Kelly is really going to help me. I appreciate her eyes and help…don’t know what I’m doing either. Suggests me totally removing myself from the manuscript once I finish editing the final 85 pages and typing the revisions into the document. May be hard to do, but I’ll try. May start reading for my other book projects- they take so long start to finish anyway (3-5 years minimum): Autism, Strong-Willed Parent, or The Bahamas. But not to bother with the other manuscripts nearly finished, Mitochondrial disease, Brain injury/PTSD, or the other one.

Progress is made if you progress. Persistency, consistency, tenacity. Who said “break time”? Not a bit. Always on my mind, ‘The Book of James: The Brain Injury, Life, and Legacy of James Clary, Jr.’ Got home from Subway, where I work 3-5 hours in the morning on it. As far as I know, the others I have written about in the past who have offered to help me have slipped away or we’ve lost touch for some reason.

Having dinner with my proofreader, Miss Kelly. Seemed interested to know the plot of the book. She is going to be a huge help, I see it already. Apparently some knowledge of brain injury, made a few remarks. Looking forward to her feedback.