Don’t think I’ll be able to take a portion of tomorrow off, like my Friday tendency has been in the past. A friend is coming in the morning to pick up the bunk bed set we’re getting rid of. After that, several things to do: continue adding business expenses in the new Quicken software I picked up this week; more research, some online; etc. Prepping for another trip to Atlanta to visit the church where I spoke a few months back. Most of that presentation had been from memory and with limited notes. Preparing now for additional talks I’ve been told may be coming my way, and a kind friend from church has offered to help me with that. Very thankful. Hard to believe another school year has nearly ended, being almost in the last quarter already. My work-related duties will most likely slow down during the summer. So trying to get as much done as possible in the time we have left. (Don’t get me wrong; absolutely LOVE spending time with and getting to interact with our children in this season of their youth.

The day started with us returning the cat we’d gotten last night bc of severe allergic reactions. Noticed a youth car wash en route, and we stopped there on the way home. Foresight, insight, instinct, blessing. I’d never seen such thorough and hard-working kids as these in the Mariner High School medical academy program. No need elaborating on their meticulous detail. However, meeting their supervisor turned out to be the best thing. Ms. Tucker shared her background, working in the nursing field, neuro unit?, her experience with near-fatal accidents, and teaching in the schools’ medical program. She seemed thrilled to get ahold of my book. We’ll see where the Lord takes it.

It’s been a while… bad. Busy with many things, plain and simple. Returned a week ago from a writing seminar in another state. Came back refreshed, exhilarated, with more gumption than ever to stay the course. It was hard being away from my family for a week. As Dana says, ‘Absence makes the heart grow fonder.’

Hard to believe our meeting with the new publisher in Oklahoma is just a few months out. It’s not looking like I’m going to get everything done I’d wanted to; but I will do as much as possible.

I want to proceed with my personal projects at a steady pace; but feel obligated to return to the story about my little buddy with mitochondrial disease. His days may be numbered, haven’t talked to them in ages (except for a recent text to his mother and occasionally reading on fb about him). When I put his project aside some time ago, we’d had so much completed on it.

Personally, Dana and I had a fun lunch date today at Bajio Grill. (I would be remiss not to mention the diet we’ve been on for nearly three weeks, Take Shape for Life. So far I’ve dropped eleven pounds and feeling good.) It seems more than coincidental walking around Staples this afternoon and talking at length with an HP rep. I happened to give her one of my cards and she wanted my book. It turns out this Miss Heather has a gig of her own and produces business cards, shirts, other promotional items, and so forth. Can’t wait to visit her website: “,” and may touch base tomorrow with her for more ideas.