Began Sunday with advertising the book, already 30 sold. That’s just a few people, without any presentations at other churches or whatever. My social media helper said she’ll try to plug me in to her group. And, also without online sales. I’ve heard of several going for the ebook option. God is so good.

Okay, the books are almost here, my bulk book order. Maybe next week sometime. Hope you’re ready to get blessed, inspired, and perhaps shocked. No one knew of this aggression garbage that was going on (not even me), then only a select few of our separation and the aftermath.

Very happy to have found a friend to help me navigate through the social media (advertising) package for my book. Couldn’t believe it when someone else, this morning, said they’d check on doing a fundraiser for us regarding the second book.

Just received confirmation that my bulk book order should be here by approximately 11/27 (PTL!!). That’s way better than my initial expectation, when the submission process first had begun, of the anticipated delivery being late-April.

1. There are a few grammatical errors.
2. And, at least one or two publisher errors.
3. My social media package, press release, & book trailer video (Youtube) are fixing to be released any day now.
4. To God be the glory.
5. That He may be praised and the lost drawn to Him.