Not necessarily writing-related but have to mention my experiences today. I had put in six or seven hours on my next writing deal and gotten very warm, prior to our air-conditioner man (TSI) coming for the service call…..our unit failed last night. Derrick Langford, the astute technician,┬áspent several hours trying to help us get service. He pulled some magic out of his hat and arranged for a new and better system to be put in yet this evening. That’s unheard of since it’s already 4.30pm on Friday afternoon.

We may meet him and his wife next week for a meal or something. Looking forward to that, especially since she’s a medical transcriptionist. She MAY be able to get me some more medical/research articles for the next book I’m working on about Mitochondrial Disease. Not many people truly can understand it, besides. My bibliography could always grow; finding information about it hasn’t been the easiest.


Putting in a lot of time recently on the Lawrey memoir. In fact, just finished printing a new draft to look at. Thinking Brandi will be way excited when we get together again, soon. Our last meeting lasted well over four hours….even then, we didn’t get everything accomplished. Hope they’re doing well. Gavin was alert and seemed well last week. Though internally, he may have been writhing in pain. I’ve reworked the chapter titles; they’re subject to approval. Think we’ve come up with a new book title, also. “Blue Eyes of Hope,” and the subtitle is still up in the air.

Writing, editing, working when I can. Our children’s last day of school would be tomorrow. So last night, I didn’t get to bed until 3 or 4 a.m….still doing well, I think, and not too tired yet.

Ready for my upcoming meeting this afternoon with Brandi and Gavin Lawrey. Putting our heads together to see where we are as the book is beginning to take shape. Much to do, but seems we’ve got a good handle on it. Happy 8th tomorrow to the little man.