Super Trauma Survivor’s support group at the hospital this week. Met so many new friends. Had been awhile. Fortunately, they hired a new Trauma (social) worker for us to coordinate the support group and activities. Began by briefly sharing our “stories” and who we were and then talked about certain topics. All very interesting. I have even friended a few on facebook. In fact, we may have a few of them over to our house some weekend soon.

Been continuing to meet with two TBI victims. One is soon having a court case for her disability, and my heart goes out to her so much. Why will not the government see fit to step in and help those with pre-existing conditions? So, have been scrupulously working on an outline we will soon present her attorney. It’s taken me over ten hours and have had so much focused time.

Another gentleman I’m contacting also had a very severe accident. It has left him bedridden for months. Such a pleasure to see him out of his wheelchair, with support, and taking a few steps.

And still doing research for my next book(s). Fascinating subject matter, all of it, or each topic.

Also at the support group, one gal became my friend, Jordan. She works at the hospital and may assist me in several aspects of my writing. SO happy about that.