If any who read my book would be so kind as to leave a comment on Amazon, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Putting the finishing touches on my press release. This weekend past, I emailed an inquiry to the agency helping me put it together. Depending on the answer, it can be submitted soon.

I’ve put the other writing projects temporarily on hold. To much to do trying to get the word out about “Till Death Do Us Part.”

Great Writer’s Workshop Saturday. Unfortunate that I only got to stay for half of it. I’ll try to attend on a monthly basis. Getting ready for my press release. Meeting Wednesday with a Pastor for additional ideas.

My immediate schedule: sent a book to Family Christian corporate in Grand Rapids today, preparing for a meeting next week about my press release, and involved in a writer’s workshop tomorrow. More publicity, i.e., exposure.

Getting my press release all set.  A little more review, then to meet with our worship pastor for some of his thoughts, and ready to submit it.  Apparently 25,000 newswires will receive word when it is “blast.”

Book sales starting to pick up. Encouraged lately by what I’ve been hearing of the book’s impact on other people. Hopefully God will use it for His glory. Of course He will. Sounds like my Youtube book trailer video is only a few days away.

Been busy over the Christmas holidays. A lot of work on the new project. After school resumes, I’m to meet with the gal for whose book I’m helping edit. Ecstatic my book trailer (Youtube) video for Till Death Do Us Part has almost been completed. They should receive my pictures to add to the script in the morning, they wanted my actual pictures to use. Not just their sample art. Had a delightful New Year’s celebration, my mother-in-law’s been here a few weeks. So good to see her.