Yesterday I reconnected with a high school buddy, Miss Rochelle. It was exciting for me. First, this aligns with several principles from my book: in an instant, a new reality. You don’t know how good you have it until you look around. And, baby steps. You do what you can as the Lord gives you strength. And, you can be betrayed by those near and dear (family).

My friend has a bad case of epilepsy and struggling very much. Makes me sad she does not have many friends locally that can help her. I will go to bat for my dear friend. With my own ears, I listened to her plight and how much she is struggling. Sometimes it takes an injured individual to observe the sufferings of another trauma victim….and offer to help them. That’s what we must do for one another. Love each other. Reach out and be a friend. Help them.

Last night I contacted my attorney buddy in Ohio. He sent some suggestions we’ll look into later today. Before bed last night, I jotted down a few thoughts; preliminary ideas for a note we’ll send either the governor for assistance or my friend on the federal level. It is a huge task in front of us, but I know the Lord can open doors and provide. He will give the wherewithal necessary. We must trust Him in the meantime.

I am excited to work more on this situation later today; 3:30 am now and I’m tied up until late this afternoon.

What a day! God was totally in it. Reviewed my notes and did some reading this morning. Then to my church for a leader’s seminar. Pastor Cory, excellent as always. Picked a friend up at the airport.

Yaya Diamonds gave me a radio book interview at 5. Not sure if it’ll be radio or a live-feed because my picture was on the monitor. Derrick Coleman from Dreamchasers Media had told me we’d have to wait a week before the interview had been edited; not sure about that. It went off without a hitch.

Nervous before, but God was in it. ‘With God all things are possible.’

Read Psalm the first part of Psalm 119 before anything. Left the house at 5.30 for some study at McDonald’s. Great to see my friends but too noisy, so didn’t last too long. By 7.45 I was at Tropical Smoothie for a quick bite of breakfast. Went to the bench outside the store just before 8 and waited some more. Nothing doing. So they don’t open till 9 apparently on the weekend.

Made it to church by 8.45 and sat outside listening to the sermon again on the tv monitors. Remembered some but not all. Liked hearing it again. Soon went inside to wait and prepare for meeting the pastor after the service.

Cory Demmel strolled over and listened to a brief life history of me. Seemed excited. What a great honor to visit with him. I gave him a copy of each of my books. In ‘The Book of James,’ I happened to quote him quite a bit and used some of the church’s theology. Two things I’d invite you: check out the church and/or my book, and enter Derek A. Tong in the search bar.

Pastor Cory’s joining me to pray for the book’s outreach, that it reaches whom it may and points people to the truth and perhaps saves their marriage or other relationships.

A productive, productive day; little to no breaks or rest. Which is okay; good things are coming. Spoke to my agent from Dream Books Media this afternoon. Fun to make preparations for some events upcoming. I will soon notify of something May 23. First to meet with Pastor Cory Sunday. Excited about that and finalized my notes today. Actually emailed his secretary this afternoon also, Dr. Cindi Celske, some information pertaining to that. A few thoughts to close.

1. Be grateful where you are
2. Be moldable however the Lord could use you
3. Be flexible

“Well,” he said with relief, “it is finished.” For those that do not know, ‘The Book of James’ has been published. Definitely exciting to see what God will do. Already a few people in at least three states are reading it. So far, good remarks. Been in contact with a company that will handle my social media platform and other things. Don’t really want to go into that now; as my wife says, we’ll leave it to the Lord and see what He’s going to do. Exactly. That was one of the themes of the book. Trust Him. He knows what is up even when we don’t. His sovereignty overrides everything.

Been preparing for a brief meeting with our pastor next week, Cory Demmel. In our brief time together, I want to cover as many points as possible. His secretary, Dr. Cindi Celske, has been one in a million. She has been relaying messages often to him. Btw, had a killer- fun golf tournament with the church on May 4. Please watch the church service online. Service times listed on the website and past messages can be archived. Only Jesus could’ve been the author of all these things.

It is looking like Westbow Press wants to engineer my next book. Been emailing a kind rep from there quite often and think we have reached a deal. Ok….what I didn’t want to get into yet. The marketing company I’ve been talking to has a tremendous platform to reach thousands upon thousands. Some big things are in the works. The cliche again, we need to trust the Lord and watch Him do what He’ll do. But please cover me and for now this unspoken request in prayer. God knows what we need before we ask Him. Even if we don’t ask Him. It’s neat how His omniscience interacts with His sovereignty and omnipotence.

The Book of James: The Brain Injury, Life, and Legacy of James Carson

Published last Friday, April 19.
iUniverse:, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, elsewhere.
Author House Publishing, or Offset Printing: superior printing, book inventory self-owned, better price.
First shipment by next Friday (May 3).
Excited to see what God will do.

So I have submitted the manuscript/book to the publisher. Seems they are pleased with the progress and eager to print it. Unfortunately, because it is twenty-eight chapters and 430 pages, they have set the price of the book to $31. This will be lowered over time but disappointing to say the least. I did not write it for profit but to get the message of brain injury and spousal empathy and support out. So I still noticed four errors, one grammatical, two punctuation, and one attributed to the publisher. Oh well. Also I am hopeful readers would be so kind to let me know their thoughts as well as review it on Amazon. Should have a book trailer YouTube video at some point. I will attempt to post a picture of the book cover.

What a beautiful day. Sometimes you’re blessed with meeting the nicest folks. These two, Miss Roberta and Mr. Chris, have chosen to be with me until the end of time. Yes, Christians themselves.

Miss Roberta telephoned me yesterday evening, something to do with her business. We waited on the Lord (Isaiah 40:31), we watched Him intervene, and providentially, supernaturally, we are witnessing a miracle.

Suffice it to say for the present Miss Roberta has graciously offered to submit her testimony I will include in THE BOOK OF JAMES. You will be in awe to hear the rest of the story.

Thanks to Miss Karen, it’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood. lol What an impressive discussion with my lovely rep from iUniverse. Decided to let them publish my upcoming book, ‘The Book of Carter: the brain injury, life, and legacy of Carter Carlson.’ (not sure about last name). Seemed like Miss Karen genuinely understood the basic plot of the book as well as an ear of compassion to (my) story of brain injury.

I am excited to work with her/them.

Okay, been awhile. So last week, after consulting with a friend from Starbuck’s, I embraced a new philosophy as I am pursuing higher education. Specifically, I intend to do case study research and analysis. NOT clinical-based but more for the education field.

So I applied to Regent University, it’ll be interesting to see their response. I had to do it all on my phone, as I was out of town last week, so we’ll see if they excuse any errors. Regent, however, conceded and would allow me to do my work as I want:

1. To do brain injury case studies and create a database for psychological cases with brain injury.
2. I want to see what behaviors manifest (present) on brain injury survivors.
3. Lastly, the question of why brain trauma is not accounted for when certain behaviors are exhibited

I told them with my latest research a brain injury occurs every nine seconds. So many facts to share from my upcoming book, but I will not spoil it.

Should hear this week if Regent accepts me, I will post it here.