Returned from a long period of writing. So much done, The Book of James is beginning to look good (22nd edit). Happy to have Mr. Jim helping with some of the diction and verbiage. Also delighted to have found a gentleman this morning, Pastor Troy, who desires to look over my devotionals for theological accuracy. What a friend we have in Jesus. I’m loving it. McDonald’s is where we met.

A lot of work this morning on the book. Ready to begin typing the edits for the devotional next week. Anticipating my appointment with the doctor tomorrow. Heard about what to wear for the visit. Happy I don’t have to be NPO. A little nervous but actually a little excited. Gotta be ready. No pain, no gain.

Long day, been up working and editing since 4.30 a.m. Finally completed the last 150 pages by 2 pm after church this morning. Sent the manuscript to Staples to be printed. Also I formulated a single-spaced copy for Jim and Debby when I see them in a few weeks. Getting better each time. Been talking to a fine friend in Bucyrus, Ohio (who would’ve thunk?). Keeping her updated on my progress. Also at church today, several ladies had talked to me about helping their friends or relatives with a TBI. Small world. Opportunities everywhere. As I say in the book, every nine seconds a brain injury occurs. Be careful.

Becoming fast friends with a nurse in the area. The sky is the limit: we’ll see, said the blind man. She is the definition of empathy, not apathy. The Queen of compassion. It’s too bad we’re just meeting now….good in a way, after all the other stuff previously.

Reconnected with a high school buddy this week. Sounded glad to have learned about my debut book. She ordered it from Amazon and she’s anticipating reading it. Van Buren Black Knights lol

Plenty of work and research today, then more revisions on ‘The Book of James.’ Entering the warm waters of the hot tub this evening found me in a conversation with a friend. Turns out my friend has a friend who underwent traumatic experiences herself that may be lacking proper social outlets and struggling. Hope I can help her. Some survivors feel so alone and isolated. Please say a prayer for her.

What a week it has been for Dr. Benny. ‘The Book of James’ looking good. Still finding things to edit on what will be my 13th revised copy of the manuscript. Checking out if I have some quotes quoted as they should be quoted lol. The right words. Because I did find many revisions in my various Bible translations. A very dear friend of mind, Lisa, has offered to assist in the editing before it goes to the official editor. Attempting to clean up as much as possible.

Also doing the devotional daily, seem to be making some good strides. And the parenting book, the referendum for all of us, I believe, is coming along. Has yielded excellent research.

Shave and a haircut, two bits. JK Money gone, because I go to Subway almost every morning where they let me work and sometimes eat. Spending 3-5 hours/day there. Usually hear about it if not there by 6.45 a.m.

Love the song. Thank you, Newsboys. Playing right now on YouTube, more encouraged by the moment. Listen to the lyrics: a message to us.

After a week’s break on The Book of James, though a new book starting to be envisioned and continually working on the devotional, back on track at last. Long live TBOJ. Amazed to consider the opportunities before us. Out of nowhere, almost ex nihilo, has come a new and very dear friend. An author herself, Lisa has offered to assist with the book. So excited to see what develops. Her heart is wonderful. Happens to have a PhD in TBI or trauma; she knows what is up. God is so good.