Great day….a fun, fun time doing things with our boys and Alyssa while Dana/Dr. and haircut.  Visited with some friends at Chuck E. Cheese in the morning and golfed in the backyard with the boys while Alyssa had a “nap.”  Still haven’t heard from Jim,  From what it sounds like, he’s doing me a superb edit job.  Just love him and his wife.  Dana brought us TB for supper, just watched Rain Man AGAIN with her.  Can’t remember, so always a new movie to  me. 

Great week.  Been forgetting to blog.  Exciting for what we got done.  Website/hosting up and running now.  Just waiting on my edited manuscript to be returned.  Evidently my submitted story needed a lot of work- thank You, Lord, for directing me to  They are fantastic and will give me a video trailer, press release, and facebook/social media page later.  Fantastic one on one days Tuesdays/Thursdays with my daughter but tend to not get a lot of work done those days.  Tomorrow, a hurricane-makeup day with no school, I get to interact with our boys.  Well, that’s what it is. . .and may get together with some friends tomorrow at some point.  They’re fixing to have a baby boy in the next week or so.  Yahoo!

Right arm is sore today, just mowed.  Have a fellow working on a website for me, so we’ll see how that goes.  Possibly a logo, too.  So, God-willing….  

Working like crazy.  Well not crazy but almost.  Book’s being edited now and parts rewritten.  Not as good a writer as thought.  Working on developing a website and will try to blog more.  My forward’s being written by my beloved pastor.  Things really starting to come together.  PTL!!

What a day, what a day! Short night last night but very productive. Excellent Bible Study at Panera early and then accomplished so many goals – even time to do a few things with my 5-year old daughter. Finished a movie now. Oh, great supper earlier.

A lady from church helped me edit the story, now the editors at are putting their touches on it (later they’ll give me a press release, social media fan page, and book trailer–so excited!), and a Pastor from church is doing the forward.  Thank You, Jesus!