What a beautiful day. Sometimes you’re blessed with meeting the nicest folks. These two, Miss Roberta and Mr. Chris, have chosen to be with me until the end of time. Yes, Christians themselves.

Miss Roberta telephoned me yesterday evening, something to do with her business. We waited on the Lord (Isaiah 40:31), we watched Him intervene, and providentially, supernaturally, we are witnessing a miracle.

Suffice it to say for the present Miss Roberta has graciously offered to submit her testimony I will include in THE BOOK OF JAMES. You will be in awe to hear the rest of the story.

Thanks to Miss Karen, it’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood. lol What an impressive discussion with my lovely rep from iUniverse. Decided to let them publish my upcoming book, ‘The Book of Carter: the brain injury, life, and legacy of Carter Carlson.’ (not sure about last name). Seemed like Miss Karen genuinely understood the basic plot of the book as well as an ear of compassion to (my) story of brain injury.

I am excited to work with her/them.

Okay, been awhile. So last week, after consulting with a friend from Starbuck’s, I embraced a new philosophy as I am pursuing higher education. Specifically, I intend to do case study research and analysis. NOT clinical-based but more for the education field.

So I applied to Regent University, it’ll be interesting to see their response. I had to do it all on my phone, as I was out of town last week, so we’ll see if they excuse any errors. Regent, however, conceded and would allow me to do my work as I want:

1. To do brain injury case studies and create a database for psychological cases with brain injury.
2. I want to see what behaviors manifest (present) on brain injury survivors.
3. Lastly, the question of why brain trauma is not accounted for when certain behaviors are exhibited

I told them with my latest research a brain injury occurs every nine seconds. So many facts to share from my upcoming book, but I will not spoil it.

Should hear this week if Regent accepts me, I will post it here.

In the seasons of life, unexpected circumstances may arise. We have to roll with the punches. Two notable items:
1) Been enrolled in the PhD Psychology/Theology program at Liberty University, start date either March, June, or August. My previous comments regarding Grand Canyon University still hold true; it’s just that Liberty may be a better fit.
2) Due to some unfortunate circumstances, I am retitling my book: ‘The Book of Carter: The Brain Injury, Life, and Legacy of Carter Jackson.’ So currently about 420 pages typed, I need to finish the 33rd edit, run it through Grammarly, input the changes, and then select from one of three or four publishers who have expressed interested.

I appreciate Dr. Beck Geesaman’s counsel. Thank you!

Happy birthday, Benny. Seems like yesterday we were young when the world was so different. We played outside all day and did our chores. What a lovely life we had. Now 49 years later, it’s time to say Happy Birthday. What a blessing you’ve been. Keep growing. Keep persisting. Look to the Lord.

(Also please remember Jim and Debby this day, the birthday of their son. Still grieving, still aching. Their loss never ending yet their hope eternal.)

Thank you, thank you. Mr. Drake, superior student-service on the telephone recently. Eager to see what God does with my Liberty University app. May actually turn out to be my first choice for the doctoral program. He counseled me on the phone over a half hour and laboriously coached me setting up Google Docs on my phone. I submitted a 1,003-word essay as part of the requirements.

I mention this here because he was intrigued to learn about my books, “book promo.” Thank you, sir. Seemed excited to investigate my debut project with his wife. An unspoken prayer request for her, plz….Miss Savannah. I look forward to speaking to him again as time moves on.

Shared my story and of ‘The Book of James’ at a local Chick-fil-A as I’ve been working on my edits the last few days.  Miss Patricia (PA) and Mr. Bill (OH–yay!) who work there have become wonderful friends. They are excited to read ‘Till death do us part;’ (unfortunately so poorly written. lol)

Still working feverishly on ‘The Book of James.’ Took a break this afternoon and chatted with Miss Erika Green, from Grand Canyon University. We had a good discussion about the doctoral program at that school…Doctor of Philosophy in General Psychology: Cognition and Instruction (Qualitative Research.) A lot of options to think about.

Been considering dissertation topics already:
1. How memory works
2. Invisible disability
3, Mainstream vs. special ed
4. Learning outcomes
5. Agility with numbers
6, Reception/perception of messages
7. Verbal and nonverbal differences
8. Can anything be done about a stifled memory?
9. Is ’50 First Dates’ realistic?
10. Legitimate comparisons of a TBI
11. TBI, ADHD, Autism: is there a lesser evil
12. Can you call brain injury a blessing or a curse?
13. Brain injury survivors’ learning styles and behaviors compared to ‘normal’ learners
14. Are statistics with brain injury reliable?
15. Why the brain injured misunderstand so much?
16. How can TBI be compensated for in the workforce?
17. Suicide and brain injury: correlations, statistics, how to counteract?
18. Why the effects of TBI are difficult to understand or comprehend
19. The impact of trauma on a community
20. Parental and community support
21. Standards of care
22. Impact of SSDI: financial and stigmatism
23. Why is it noted as a pre-existing condition?
24. Gainfully employed vs. not
25. Cooperative learning vs. individualized instruction

I’ve met many great friends at Desoto Auto Mall in Arcadia, Florida. Been spending a lot of time there; found a great place to write in Arcadia. At Desoto Auto Mall, a gentleman and employee, Gage Cordova, has become such a good friend of mine. Excellent salesman. Totally committed. Great work ethic.

Why Arcadia? Recently married a lady from there. Till death do us part. We are going to make it work. God works in small ways. God also works through the internet, which is how we met long ago. Also how I initially found and contacted Desoto Auto Mall. Two thumbs up, five stars, and a 100% rating. Visit them.

Desoto Auto Mall
3039 SE Highway 70
Arcadia, Florida 34266

Cannot thank Arcadia Printing enough for their guidance and help through this project, The Book of James. Been relying on them to craft me excellent bound copies of the manuscript. They just printed the 29th edition. Very congenial. Very professional. Thanks so much. Be sure to visit them.