Still working feverishly on ‘The Book of James.’ Took a break this afternoon and chatted with Miss Erika Green, from Grand Canyon University. We had a good discussion about the doctoral program at that school…Doctor of Philosophy in General Psychology: Cognition and Instruction (Qualitative Research.) A lot of options to think about.

Been considering dissertation topics already:
1. How memory works
2. Invisible disability
3, Mainstream vs. special ed
4. Learning outcomes
5. Agility with numbers
6, Reception/perception of messages
7. Verbal and nonverbal differences
8. Can anything be done about a stifled memory?
9. Is ’50 First Dates’ realistic?
10. Legitimate comparisons of a TBI
11. TBI, ADHD, Autism: is there a lesser evil
12. Can you call brain injury a blessing or a curse?
13. Brain injury survivors’ learning styles and behaviors compared to ‘normal’ learners
14. Are statistics with brain injury reliable?
15. Why the brain injured misunderstand so much?
16. How can TBI be compensated for in the workforce?
17. Suicide and brain injury: correlations, statistics, how to counteract?
18. Why the effects of TBI are difficult to understand or comprehend
19. The impact of trauma on a community
20. Parental and community support
21. Standards of care
22. Impact of SSDI: financial and stigmatism
23. Why is it noted as a pre-existing condition?
24. Gainfully employed vs. not
25. Cooperative learning vs. individualized instruction

I’ve met many great friends at Desoto Auto Mall in Arcadia, Florida. Been spending a lot of time there; found a great place to write in Arcadia. At Desoto Auto Mall, a gentleman and employee, Gage Cordova, has become such a good friend of mine. Excellent salesman. Totally committed. Great work ethic.

Why Arcadia? Recently married a lady from there. Till death do us part. We are going to make it work. God works in small ways. God also works through the internet, which is how we met long ago. Also how I initially found and contacted Desoto Auto Mall. Two thumbs up, five stars, and a 100% rating. Visit them.

Desoto Auto Mall
3039 SE Highway 70
Arcadia, Florida 34266

Cannot thank Arcadia Printing enough for their guidance and help through this project, The Book of James. Been relying on them to craft me excellent bound copies of the manuscript. They just printed the 29th edition. Very congenial. Very professional. Thanks so much. Be sure to visit them.

Grateful for Miss Melinda, manager of the Arcadia McDonald’s. Been working on ‘The Book of James’ there several days a week. I really like the relaxed, country environment. Love, love, besides my ‘normal’ office in N. Fort Myers at Subway. Friends are so wonderful. They’re really helping as I’m working on this 27th revision of the manuscript. Miss Melinda and Troy Rowe have a special place in my heart.

We all have problems. We all have things we could do better. During my writing, I encountered a mentally-disturbed gentleman. Big Donny had a tendency to distract and disturb the peace. Countless customers became disgusted with Big Donny. He thought by being asked to turn down his blaring cell phone we were not minding our business. Come on, man. What about respecting others? Valuing their work time? What about being kind?

The moral? Do not threaten others physically or verbally. Your actions say much about you.

“‘In common with many who have a brain injury, I initially lost my confidence and felt very vulnerable, as if a protective layer of skin had been stripped away.’ Mayam D’Abo”

“Coping strategies….help them function better in the world and everyday life.  The survivor’s progress may be influenced by parental or familial support…..The point is, are they encouraged or discouraged at home?  Do their closest supporters prod them to persevere and keep fighting to attain the most optimal level of functioning and performance in their everyday life?  Unfortunately, discouragement on the home front looms large within the brain-injured community.”


*Yes, you definitely lose your confidence with a brain injury. You feel like you have it all together but you don’t. You think you understand things correctly; until you realize you have misunderstood or been misperceived. All you can do is the best you can. Maybe the burden is on us to realize so many people will be ignorant. Apathetic. Unempathetic. All we can ask for is love and try to be loving ourselves.

*Coping strategies- these are integral. I like to write things down immediately if I need to remember it….knowing abbreviations helps. Some use word-association strategies. I also like to organize things and know exactly where something goes. If it’s not where it belongs, forget about it. Repetition also helps my memory. Constant repetition transfers information from the short-term memory (poor) to the long-term memory (better). Sometimes I have problems with comprehension. There are so many great tv shows and movies, except plots would be hard to understand. News programs and sports, sign me up.

*The last tidbit is huge. Home or family support. Are your closest family behind you in all you do? Are they your biggest cheerleaders? They know your life is tough. They should know it will not get easier. Sure, you will develop coping strategies over time. Is your significant other, your children, your parents, and friends there for you?  Alone is very hard in a complex world.

From time to time as I’m editing the manuscript, I will post paragraphs or thoughts that may be significant; a foreshadowing of content to come:

“‘Nothing is so painful to the human mind as a great and sudden change.’”  Mary Wollstonecraft Shelby

“Brain injuries do present various challenges to the broken, their lives complicated by this grievous medical condition.  Approximately 1.7 million Americans acquire a traumatic brain injury (TBI) per year.  Close to 1,365,000 people nationwide are treated for TBI’s and released annually.  5.4 million people in the nation live with a disability associated with TBI.” (

“Many tips are available for spouses, family members, and children of the brain-injured.  Children are impacted but more accepting and often empathetic with their injured parent.  We will look at what some of the impairments look like…..A lot of things take too much energy, and the fact that it takes them exponentially longer to execute day to day tasks leaves them little time to do something that would drain them cognitively in any way.  Without public knowledge, they will be further handicapped.  This book was written to let you know their great need for help and understanding.”

*So, change is a given. How do we deal with it? Be careful in what you do.

*The lack of support among brain injury is staggering.  I wish there was more out there for the public to help them understand. The brain-injury survivors do not act like they do by choice; it is the result of their pre-existing condition. Depending on the moment would be how they deal with things and cope.

Finally seeing a light at the end of the tunnel….a long, long way off. Great meeting this afternoon with my publicist/editor, Jenn Fitzgerald, and her friend, Courtney. Courtney is coordinating media exposure and an online presence pre-publication as we attempt to get word out and create interest in “The Book of James: The Brain Injury, Life, and Legacy of James Clary, Jr.”

Great meeting today with my new publisher. Sat several hours with Jenn Fitzgerald and we went over stuff. We were talking how to go about fine-tuning things and discussed next steps. Making every attempt for the books to go viral. It’s not what you know lol it’s who you know. She is plugged into so many connections. We chatted with her website-designer friend who has some good ideas for LettuceWrite, including the logo and format. Then when I went to dinner, I brainstormed ideas for an author’s page we’ll discuss tomorrow. I’m so blessed.

Had dinner this evening with my author friend, Jen Fitzgerald. Her writings and book projects, especially book covers, are amazing. Check an assortment of her work out at Amazon. She is going to be my publisher, publicist, and marketing coordinator. Some of the goals and ideas Jen has for The Book of James are out of this world.