Plagued this last week with some paranormal events. First an incident last week involving a sheriff at school. Seriously, I mean c’mon man. Two things: sure don’t feel like ratting the school out; and careful to be respectful of the efforts and duties of the police force in general. Though in this particular instance I would say “most.” To blame my thorn in the flesh, not sure with my brain injury I received proper treatment or with etiquette. The situation can be left unnamed, as well as the officer. Just to make a statement if I could in this genre, rather than legally, for those with my particular – or any – impairment. It’s too bad a little consideration can not be given, and also understanding, for our perspective. Brain injuries, any sort of impairment, stroke, etc. While on the egocentric train, I would comment that our day today also went badly. I firmly believe the Lord to have been in charge. He redirected my thinking and allowed my mind to think with mercy. This, after the other quite negative event of being stopped at the same school for photographing an account where the scene last week had occurred. I blame myself for not having the merciful mindset earlier, because I was quite startled by the separate incident regarding another sheriff at the same school. I’m just thankful for a lot of other parents sharing my same point of view, but glad no harm will come to the school and I’ll refrain from involving my attorneys. Then today, my wife was in a fender-bender. Really hoping the insurance agents view the accident scene correctly, as no fault of hers and not the lies of the other gentleman. Our deductible would increase our burden and the repair bill would be costly. So grateful, however, we all are well. Thank you, Lord.

Been a busy few weeks, between lawn mowing, research for my next project, and everything else. Dana gets back soon. Returning from the devastating loss of her mother and her funeral. Been able to make a few good contacts locally. One friend at a local college may hook me up with a speaking engagement; we’ll see what happens. Someone from WayFM sounded half-interested in the book and is checking it out; that’s also a potential. As well as my local church, Crossroads, perhaps to let me present sometime. Gave a copy to a dear teacher friend at a school down the road. She sounded quite interested. Trying to put together some form of a testimony or speaking gig. So that plus some more never-ending cleaning tomorrow. Yippee. Loving it.