You never know how other people will react to you in different situations. Tonight I had the great pleasure of talking to a lady at a local grocery store. Until probing deeper, we simply spoke casually. I could not believe how congenial “Miss Nancy” was. We happened to briefly exchange stories, synopses, of what was occurring in our worlds. She has lupus. Her sister was thrown from a horse, and is now dealing with a tbi. And, with my head injury, we obviously concluded how appreciative we should be…of everything: our health, our small abilities, the simple things in life. To summarize with my familiar refrain, ‘You don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone.’ Be thankful for life and life abundantly. Live each day in gratitude.

Wonder how well my book’s doing in Ohio….the few boxes I sent my friend, Ralph Patterson, to sell for me. He let Bluffton University have a few and was going to talk to some bookstores. Still waiting to hear from another friend about an online radio show and a few other gigs. Glad it was well-received at our local Way FM. Cobi Knight talked like he had some show where they could do a segment regarding the book. I’m to talk to my contact today who may get me linked up with the local newspaper. A friend at McDonald’s yesterday gave me some novel ideas. Excited.