Okay, I’ll reveal her name.¬†Friend and fitness guru, Kelly Thomas, is in the initial stages of creating a book/devotional oriented towards staying fit. Helping her edit. . .we’re trying to put a years’ worth of devotions in it. Very uplifting and insightful.

Been busy the last several days, helping a friend edit her book: “Eternally Yours: A Fit for Eternity Fitness and Family Devotional.” Doubly blessed: recently completed the first round of editing. It’s more awesome than awesome. Think my friend will be adding a lot more as we go. Already over half the size of my book. God is good!

Made multiple contacts: local neuropsychiatrist, other docs, brain injury counselors, my insurance guy, possibly newspaper. Neighbors purchasing book, people at our church, one friend I met at McDonalds. I’ve got some other friends who may help with some promotional ideas.

Wonderful. A local bookstore contacted me and wants a copy of the book. Also gave one to a lady who works at a nearby hospital. It may be helpful in (her) the psych unit. The center/brain research institute (website) in Tallahassee contacted me. Seems like it’ll be useful for them, as well. The tbi information and stats, of which many are included in the book, remain startling…and eye-opening. One friend at my son’s basketball game today told me she’d read the book over Thanksgiving and had good things to say. Received my social media package a few days ago, and trying to find the time to implement that. The Youtube book trailer, too, should be about completed. Excited to see that. Another friend will soon be published in Guideposts and wondered if that might be an outlet I could use. Something to think about. . .

Book sales going well. Interest growing. Last week one was sent to a hospital in Tallahassee, dropped off to one locally. A website expressed interest. I’ll try to research other hospitals/rehabs specializing in brain trauma. Dropped a copy off to a few docs, one my neuropsych. He sat and discussed things with me in the waiting room ten minutes, then got to meet some of his staff. Had some exciting things in mind. Got a message the next day from his r.n. (the one who sees me). She seemed pleased, and I’ll get to see her Tuesday. Took several to friends at church this morning. Great message….got me some Jesus.