Turns out our new car man is going to help promote and advertise my book….took him a box of them. He is the fellow about whom I may help put together a book about his life and business at some point. Anyway, cannot say enough good things about him and his business: Bayshore Truck and Auto Service Center, Inc. (Charlie Porter).

Delightful day….finished the book “Head Cases.” Cannot begin to describe all the good information I gleaned from it. Some I had been aware of, but much was new. Have several more books to go through, plus yesterday we ordered a half-dozen more. Also I need to sort through at least ten additional lengthy journal articles, in addition to new data I might find. Sometime in the future, I’d like to begin putting together a more solid, yet still tentative, outline of the points to be discussed and talked about. Soon I need to get a better handle on how to have this next writing project (book) published. Have an unofficial deal with someone; yet need to see if that’s going to be the best option. I have multiple book titles (tentative) to consider. Already I may be wavering from my original thoughts, which would limit it to the topic of brain injury related to the concept of forgiveness. (The few sources I’ve looked at tells me there’s so much more.)