Be ye cleansed of evil. What an excellent morning. Accompanied by Pastor Paul Cords in the attempt to remove the points from my driving record. We’d taken the proper steps, other than my paying my fine/ticket in advance. (Wanted to get-er-done.) Forgot to print something. After running back to his office, he fixed me up and told me what to say. The second time at the courthouse, got called by #5. Number 6 had seen us the first time, though, and knew what was up. So waited a moment for her. She’ll deliver the paperwork to the (relatively new) judge. Hoping he’ll be lenient.

Inadvertently drove on the wrong road halfway to see the doctor then. Had to make time, able to find the right route. Happy to have sailed through most of the traffic lights. Appointment with my neuropsychiatrist went well. So good to be around Miss Kerry. Had a great appointment.

Last but not least, back to the church, Crossroads, to pick up some groceries I’d left there and forgotten. Ready for some football now with my youngins.

So appreciate Pastor Paul Cords, Crossroads Baptist Church. He’s helped me through the process of getting a ticket a few weeks back and how to handle the points on my license. At an appointment today, we gathered the appropriate materials for filing a complaint against an officer. Looks like I’ve went through the proper channels thus far. Happy to comment that he’ll accompany me to the courthouse and sheriff’s office tomorrow to take care of things.

It has been awhile, so it’s time to catch you up to speed. Been in frequent contact with my friend in California. James’ TBI implications, or effects, plague him in a different way, unfortunately. It seems he has no physical impediments; his deal would be all neurological – or cognitive. Must hinder him emotionally, to say the least: to be walking around all fine but with a scrambled brain. No one can really understand, unless their background is medical or they’ve walked in our shoes. One of the few dozen books I’ve read this year is, in fact, of a brain injury survivor who was a physician. Very interesting. Hoping to visit with James at some point and do some presentations.

Encouraging to see my friends’ response when they receive one of my books. Most are like, “Wow, can’t believe it.” A kind lady at school this morning, Erica, seemed very enthused. A handful of my friends have said they’ve seen the book trailer video. The website for it, again:

Not sure whether I revealed on this site what is up, most currently. In addition to my second brain injury project and the overwhelming amount of research, I recently submitted the text and ideas for the book cover I had for the second edition of ‘Till Death Do Us Part.’

Good capitalized with the intent to refer to God is good….all the time. Busy day: youngest started Girl Scouts after school. Seems to be a good-behavior incentive. A lot of research for my next writing project. Makes me so thankful to have improved as far as I have. It’s like look around, enjoy the beauty you see with your eyes and the privilege it is to be alive. Interesting comment on a previous post on the blog here and happened to call the gentleman this morning. A closed brain injury, as well. Allegedly no physical impairments; his are more neurological and cognitive. Sounds like his emotions get the best of him at times. Struggles with depression and negative thoughts. (And Dana and a lot of my family thought it was just me and my tendency towards pessimism.) Please pray for my friend. Don’t believe sharing his name here would be unwelcome: James. It would be a God-thing for his marriage to be restored and his estranged wife to be overcome by grace, compassion, love, and understanding. That is definitely how I’m interceding. I’ve seen first-hand this God-thing in my own life. Matthew 19:26 keeps coming to mind: “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.” Grace, grace. God’s grace. We need it now.