Several excerpts to mention:

New insights into the mind-body connection and the impact of trauma on all aspects of living.
The effects of trauma are seen as an injury, not a disorder.
Injuries need not be visible to be real and this would help destigmatize the wounds suffered (by numerous combat veterans).

Anyway, recently have been pondering more introspectively whether to persist with my writing and research. It takes me so long, yet like all other things I have done in the past, I will persist. At the urging of my family, they have helped me reason that writing is something I love. So what if (all but this post) I must pre-write every word to make it cohesive and it takes a long time? So what if I have to read and reread and reread every word and sentence to make sure it flows? So what if I usually need to find a time and place to work unhindered, or distraction-free?

This book to which I’m referring that came today helps to legitimize my contention that the effects of said trauma are lingering, they are life-long. As the research in my debut book showed, a brain injury is permanent as opposed to a broken bone which heals. Other research books indicate that their former self passed away at the moment of injury. Their normal life was no more, and a new life, a new existence was born. Undoubtedly, to some extent one can recover. For lack of a better word, are not all these ‘victims’ overcomers? By God’s grace, they have beaten the odds. Their new life has begun.

And this new injured life would encompass – and accompany – all aspects of their life. Their new life, over time, would have to be learned or relearned and dealt with. It would be a marvel that many of these injured would be able to adapt. This adaptation, however, would be in real time and often this can be perplexing for them.

I agree with the premise of the injury being an injury but have yet to see how this relates with PTSD, for I think for the soldiers it would be a disorder and also an injury. That will require more reading for further analysis.

That the wounds need not be visible to be real implies it as being an invisible injury. Which may be fine if they have a physical impairment. This may help them further explain it. But like my friend James Clary and multiple therapists and physicians would know, sometimes brain injuries can occur minus any physical liabilities. This magnifies the problem. Outsiders have no idea what is up. Physically they seem fine, yet paranormal (or abnormal) behaviors are occurring. If I have said it once, I have said it a thousand times. Cognitively (short-term memory; delayed processing speed, misunderstandings of speech and being understood); physically; emotionally (mood swings); perceptually (balance and spatial issues); behaviorally (personality disorder, ADD, aggression); grief and loss – they appear as a “different person”.

So this next book I am working on will take some time to put together, but I believe it will be a valuable asset. That it will be helpful and my endeavors blessed by the Lord would be my goal.

It took a long time- but am so thankful. Miss Amy had to keep pausing her thoughts as I tried to write nearly every detail and insight of our conversation verbatim. Took a lot of time, we spent over 75 minutes on the phone. Often before I wrote her insights down, I’d forget the gist. Fortunately she remembered what she had said and could remind me. I appreciate her patience with me as I kept having to lay the cell phone down to scribble notes. We discussed several books that might be helpful for me in my research, both tbi and ptsd….as well as other sources she’s sent me. She has been working on a debut novel and it is going to be so interesting. Can’t wait. Amy really helped when we talked about narrowing (the) book’s focus and considering the audience. What is its purpose?

What are the odds? Excited to have contacted the author of a brain injury/PTSD story and gotten a response. Hopeful we can collaborate some ideas as we work on other projects.

A few opportunities to mention this week. Received second edition of debut book back from publisher professionally edited. Printed a copy of it at Staples for easy reference, and son Andrew also showed me how to drag both the online version and the separate Word doc of it onto the screen.

Also very exciting this week to have finished all the preparations for a unique opportunity that has come up. Without saying too much, just to say I appreciate being a part and hopeful things will go smoothly. As for now, at least, it may be better to keep it anonymous.