I awakened this morning with renewed joy.  Not only are we four days into the copyediting process with Westbow, which they estimated would take seven to ten business days, I just received the greatest news. After my book gets published and distributed (“Till Death Do Us Part: Dealing With Brain Injury and Physical Aggression”), a dear friend is having me write her (her family’s) story. Though we’ve been staying in touch by email, this afternoon we will have our initial meeting.  I hope to get a clearer focus of our direction. It will be a long process, no doubt, but there is no rush. We just have to get the word out. . .more details to follow. LettuceWrite.

Did some research tonight on a particular topic I may have the joy to write about in the future. All I can say is we don’t know how good we have it. So that’s my two cents tonight. Be grateful. Be compassionate. Look around. You have it all. Eyes to see, ears to hear, fingers to touch, hands to hold, feet to walk, minds to think. And to be made in the image of God. . ..we are so blessed! Walk in love.

Daddy’s Got a Headache/What’s Wrong With Dad?
Sight to the Blind/Seeing is Believing/Miracles to See/Witness/See to Believe
A Ray of Hope/A Mother’s Heart/He Never Knew/Reflections of his father
Swing it Easy/No One Knew/Hole in One/Par for the Course
(Potential titles of various stories we’re envisioning)

Again, not much went down today as far as writing goes. The Lord led me to consider other writing projects. Had the chance to do some yardwork: mowing, pruning, preparing for golf. I’m in the classroom next week. It’s my turn to do the parent partner thing. Our boys are still loving school, though it’s a little challenging keeping everyone on task Tuesdays and Thursdays. We’re getting it, however. Dana usually has to clean up shop when she gets home.

So the copyeditor is examining my book now for copyright issues and whatever else. Thankful for that, and also for Miss Erica at Westbow, for finally getting me all set up. She even called me several days back. I was surprised what a cordial conversation we had. Talked to my website designer and it sounds like things are coming together. When we get the book cover designed, I think we’ll put its image online. Thankful to be at this point and not have to be glued to the laptop anymore, or continually thinking about things. Now, I’ll get to spend quality time with my family.
It seems the book production may take awhile, though. I briefly looked at the schedule of events, and it may not be out until April. We’ll see.

Oh, I guess that’s after the golf tournament I’m playing in tomorrow. I’ll be going cold-turkey. I haven’t practiced or played in a long time, maybe since July 19, when we golfed with the pastors: Dr. Powell and Pastor Rob. Oh well. . .I hope to get there early to warm up:)

My lady from Westbow Press just called and said we’re all set. She said she just forwarded the manuscript for the content review (7-10 days). Again, Praise the Lord! “Be still, and know that I am God”….forget where that is. Isaiah 40.31 also comes to mind.

Great day, in hindsight. Some other things were on my agenda this morning while I waited around for Miss Erica, my Westbow publishing consultant, to touch base with me. I read a quick, final email in the meantime from my editor addressing some issues. Finally, I called the Westbow office to see if they knew what could be done, why I hadn’t heard from my lady. Just then, an email popped up, saying how busy she was, on and on, and that she’d get back to me sometime. In the afternoon, I received my document back from Westbow to confirm I am ready to go. I did, though per my editor’s recent suggestion, I kept the prologue section intact and combined the intro with the preface. He had never seen all three sections in the same book. I sent it back to Miss Erica, Westbow, around 6 p.m. this evening, saying to go ahead and pass it on to the “Design” team. Can’t wait to see what God will do. Ready, willing, and available, but trying to do my best.

So excited for the day, and week, to begin. Can’t wait to hear from my publisher and answered prayer, one way or another. That God would be glorified, that’s all. It’ll be exciting. I’ll just sit tight at the moment. May call the gal soon.

I did call, she wasn’t in the office yet.  They were going to have her call me. No news is good news? We’ll see.

I cannot begin to say what a lovely day this has been. I can only summarize. After Dana and the boys got back from their trip this afternoon, Alyssa and I went to our church’s beach baptism. We had a great time. The awe-inspiring beauty of the waves lapping against the beach while the work of God was being coordinated was a gorgeous sight. Twenty some folks were immersed to testify of their new life. A few of those happened to accept Jesus moments prior to the service. Anyway, this week I’m hoping to experience God’s blessings. It shouldn’t be overly busy and we’ll get to practice golf several times, in preparation for Saturday.

Such a tremendous day! We had a great church service. The boys and my wife are going to Punta Rassa today, something to do with school. I am overflowing with gratefulness to be a part of God’s will and God’s plan. I am doing my best to stay in the center of His will and focused on what He has planned for the outcome, or His will, for my life. As long as I choose and follow Him, it will be okay.

As much as I am enjoying the inherent pleasures of the present, I am anticipating the future, come what may. What opportunities may await? Again, I am not going to force God’s will into mine but will strive to let Him have control of my life. He already knows what’s up. He has been there. He has planned and authorized it.

Other writing opportunities are on the horizon for me. I contacted someone yesterday, though, with a powerful testimony. I think the biography of his life would impact generations and be very inspirational. So we’ll see what happens with that. Thy will be done, Lord.