It has been awhile since I’ve last posted. Call it absent-mindedness or whatever, but will try to rebound. I’ve been meaning to copy the story I recently read from one of Dana’s magazines; excellent family article. That can wait. We had a good vacation this summer and spent time with great friends. One day we had a “mini-reunion” with some of the families from our children’s school.

In the past few months, we had to make a difficult decision. For the time being, I have had to shelve my Mitochondrial Disease project/book. It’s most unfortunate, had really been making good headway. I had been profusely editing, researching, and writing; spending so much time on it. My inability to get together with the family whose memoir it is has caused this change in direction.

Another family approached me about writing their memoir; specifically of their child with pediatric leukemia. It has been fascinating to delve into this subject. We’re just getting started but remain very enthused.