Another delightful “meeting” this morning at Wendy’s. Diet coke/lime today….liking that the best, I think. Great chance to talk with the managers I’ve befriended. They’ve been so good to me. William is one; Armani is the other. She works so hard, besides raising two youngsters, as I found out. Have so much to be thankful for. Read about brain injury related to Iragi veterans. Oh my. It’s even worse for the Iraqis who get hurt. The (neuro)surgeries there are difficult, sometimes being unable to get sufficient oxygen pressure and those sorts of things. Grateful mine was here in the states and at the young age with the better capability for God to restore my life. So, my research for the next project is continuing and filling me with unique insights and thoughts as to a potential outline.

Brain Injury: the often-hidden, silent impairment no one understands. The struggles which confront a survivor, or victim, are ongoing. I say ‘victim,’ but not really. Usually, this sub-group appreciates life differently than a normal person. I know ‘normal’ may be a relative term, but it is much different than abnormal. No longer having a brain – the body’s control-center – that functions as it should. Granted, everyone has challenges and obstacles to be overcome in life; but for them, their challenges are unique. Generally, they can be overcome, should life not have dealt them too severe a blow. Some brain-impaired, or should I say, a select few, can thrive in their new lot in life. With the help of loved ones, the gracious hand of God, and the utilization of IEP’s, many can return to school. They can thrive in their new body and altered personality. Quite often, they may have some sense, or memory, of what life was like prior to the accident, or injury. Sometimes it hurts when they recall being normal. Not many, save close family members, can know what they were like prior to the impairment.

I have a good idea where my next book is going as I begin to put it together. Though, I would pose a question at this point in my research. Are there specific topics, or questions, my audience would like to be discussed? Just wondering. I’m only a few months in and anticipating this taking five to ten years, at least, to put together. That’s all for now.