Well, nothing new, caught off guard again. My divorce is in full swing.  No turning back now. New beginnings ahead. Looks like our minds’ made up, maybe for quite a while. I’ve seen such a behavioral change in her once my own. Emotional inaffection, psychological disconnection, cognitve distractions, blah, blah, blah. Claiming one thing but the cover for a host of things I take personally regarding my injury. Shared here because that changes the dynamics and focus of my next book project. Had had a second edition of the debut book nearly competed with additional chapters portraying our lives to the present. So if you do a thing, pray for my children. Range from 10 years to 16, bless them. The innocent ones.

I will share more details of my next book in progress when the time is right. It is coming along nicely and working hard on it. Thank you.