Well, time just does not slow down. As I’ve said, I have several writing projects going on at once:

1. I have come a long way working on a mitochondrial disease memoir. Involuntarily, it has been put on the back burner. I’ve probably gotten the most done and researched to this point, or written, on that one. For one reason or another, perhaps busyness, the mother of the victim and I have not been able to connect lately. I hope her son is doing okay.

2. The one that I’ve gotten the next most completed on is an exercise devotional. It originally began an edit job, but I have had to rewrite major portions, make chapter and section divisions, and so forth. I am still waiting to bounce my ideas and the manuscript off the lady I’m working for. Its development and research would put it in third place, but until lately, it engrossed most of my time.

3. The “sequel” of sorts to “Till Death Do Us Part,” which is keeping me very busy now, is a narrative along the same lines as my first book. It’s like a sequel, but different content along the same lines:  TBI, shattered memory, and the pitfalls of forgiveness. Playing with multiple title ideas, so we’ll see what happens, unless I forget.  lol  Planning to write in the third-person. If not said before, I have a deal already with someone, and it looks like I may be able to publish with my company and logo, LettuceWrite, too.

4. Until the idea of this latest book was developed, I had begun a project on a very unique city in North Carolina. We vacationed there this summer and found a cozy spot to do some writing.

So what next? I’ll proceed diligently with the ‘sequel’ project, which is not an actual sequel, and work on the mitochondrial and exercise books when I can.

To close with an FYI: “Till Death Do Us Part” took nearly four years, and that was with a ton of nights working until 2 and 3 a.m. (before getting up again at 6 or 7) as my deadlines approached. The limited sleep was not a blessing. It’s too bad that authors tend to do their best thinking late at night. So it’s anybody’s guess when my next book(s) will hit the shelves. I also regret not being able to sub-divide my time more to work on these projects at the same time.

One more FYI: the first one is available as an ebook, Barnes&Noble.com, Westbow Press, Amazon.com, kobo, librarything, reddit, etc., and I have plenty of copies available myself, too. On Amazon, there is a see-inside the book feature. If you would happen to read it, please review it for me on Amazon. Feel free to watch the book trailer video: http://youtu.be/LF1yAVKb1UE, or http://ilettucewritebooks.wordpress.com/the-video.