Happy happy. Just completed the fifth or sixth edit of the book, well, all but a little end matter. What’s the matter? What’s it matter? Elated to be done eight hours today of hard work. So glad also to swing by Target today and actually a little book advertising, all three. Paije and ____ (oops) excited to learn about what is up in my life. Taking them a book tomorrow. Glad to advertise The Book of James. Also, met someone today soon moving to Florida, Cindy Lou. She is an author too. Offered to help me edit. When we finish with it, it might be good. lol Of course it might be. The power of positive speculations.

Say title quick three times…. “update” lol The new hope today, new dream, new vision becoming a reality for yours truly. Ready to make the edits and put them into the computer on the fifth draft of “The Book of James”. Had a good break last week, preoccupied with other things. Now the office is calling. Touched base with my editor in Arkansas earlier today. May get together with her in a few months, we’ll see where we are. Excited about things. Grateful to have been given the go-ahead on this project. Making plans to visit with the family from California about whose son the memoir is next week.

All my life You have been faithful
All my life You have been so so good
With every breath that I am able
I will sing of the goodness of God
….Your goodness is running after, it’s running after me
…..my life, I lay down, I surrender now

New church, New Hope

Great message today,
I. Our vision must be focused on what God is calling us to do
Even when we are struggling, especially when others are struggling
This is the heart of ministry
Jesus has power and authority over all sickness and demons
The disciples were sharing all the miracles they had witnessed
II. Our ministry must be organized
It reflects the God who created us
The devil is the master of chaos because that’s when he’s at his best
Must be organized
III. Ensures an effective witness
People are drawn to order and organization
Because God is honored, people are saved, and we are focused on the kingdom of God
If we are to be faithful to His call, our faith must believe in the miraculous
Only one way the church should be found….faithful
When God does a miracle, God shows off
We believe our faith is good enough for eternity, but is that kind of faith good enough for our everyday life?
Give to God what we have so our faith begins to believe in the miraculous
God takes our gifts and uses them in His organizing the kingdom of God
God receives glory for His work; do all you do in faith….for kingdom work

Luke 9.10-17