Exciting morning in the Lord’s house! To be with God’s people and family was so wonderful. I wish the service had been, or could be, online. Love Pastor Doug’s preaching and teaching. The church family is second to none, save perhaps Crossroads (though in a different context). The take-away from church this morning is that we should be doing all we can to rescue the lost, do what we can, what we’re able to show them the way everlasting.

One lady asked me to do a presentation in April with the mentally-challenged group she works with. That will be something to prepare for. Another’s trying to fix me up with her nephew to golf at a really nice course nearby. The opportunities are plentiful.

In a few moments, I’m taking our dog, Dexter, back to the shelter. He’s been a wonderful friend; too bad he’s gotten a little feisty. Excellent church service yesterday. Trying to stay on top of things this week: continuing with the research and reading for number two; a few business meetings; setting up personal and business software; and keeping my facebook business page updated. God is good.

Looks like the week is ending well. Had so many killer late nights this week it wasn’t funny. A lot of good thoughts, though. Again, not sleeping the best b/c when I’d be thinking of things for round two of the “testimony,” one thing led to another, and so forth.  Several days ago, sent my thoughts to Kara for her insights and what she thought. She and hubby Max are simply brilliant, and that’s an understatement. Heard back today, sent me her thoughts, and am more stoked than ever. Maybe in April we’ll be able to get together with her family.

Since I sent the email to her with my thoughts, so much has changed. I’ll work on it more and begin learning what I can until we talk again.

Dana and I just had a “date,” the two of us, to Pollo Tropical. Fun moments together, then Andrew this weekend is going to Ft. Lauderdale. Spending time with our three sons this evening and then a date with Alyssa in the morning–we’re trading off.


Another day in paradise. Actually writing this after just a few hours of sleep last night. Up working till late after some inspired moments. A dear couple from church paid us a visit last night, and we shared a meal together. It’s such a blessing getting to know Maxx and Kara Bernier, and their beautiful five-year old daughter, Noelle.

Because time was escaping us, they hurried to meet me in my office in regards to the presentation I’m putting together. It’s a shame to have misplaced my notes from the talk I did in Atlanta; but that’s alright, I guess, since we’re putting more “meat” and substance into it this time around. (Also prayerful the word will continue to get out about my debut project. Good to know God’s agenda won’t be thwarted.) With Maxx’s military background, perhaps some other doors would open.

Anyway, Maxx and Kara listened to the thoughts and ideas I had come up with for the presentation and provided me a lot of feedback. One of the songs I’d been fixing to use got vetoed, they made suggestions to rearrange some of the points, and countless other things. That’s all I can remember without looking at the notes we took, and they’re in another room. Actually, the computer in my office doesn’t function so well; typing on it is tedious. On my other laptop, this one, it works just fine.

Anyway, after all was said and done, they had not left our place until late. Felt bad, since Maxx works in Naples and had to get up at 6 this morning. Praying God will sustain him. Beautiful family. Very thankful. Grateful. (They were bewildered when we spoke a bit about my pessimistic nature, my negativity. I know, I know. That’s just me, shouldn’t be. I’ll have to work on it.)

Wadical, as Bugs Bunny would say. That was my Monday in a nutshell. Excellent visit to see Miss Kerry, my neuropsych, at noon….she’s so glad things is going well. That’s what Dana had said to tell her, since I don’t remember too well. (BTW, love the Southern twang, heard more so in the Bible belt. Them kind folks is super….great friends.) Happy the Lord’s still providing. Had a check in the mail from Westbow Press, the publisher of my debut project. Continuing to receive from my other online booksellers, as well. Not exponentially, but a dollar a day makes Jack a poor boy. Not really. (If you know of anyone who wants a copy of my book, in my closet lay many I could sell them….without a shipping and handling charge.) Finished cleaning the desktop on my computer, which had been flooded by docs from all my previous writing projects. Also blessed last week to get a copy of the latest Quicken software. It helps me sort business expenditures from personal ones and is wonderful. Able to make a few posts on fb today, some from my company’s fb page. In conclusion, Yahweh reigns in my heart and hopefully yours. The era of grace passeth quickly. For myself also, are we doing all we can to discourage unbelievers from their path of pride, sin, and destruction? “Taste and see that the Lord is good.” For those unwilling souls, what they taste of and experience will be far bitter. I’m afraid they have no idea.

Great church service this evening. Met some new friends today, we had lunch together. Max and Cara (sp?) plus their young daughter. It’s exciting who the Lord brings your way when you’re least expecting it. Blessing after blessing. Cara’s going to help me on the social media package I got with the (debut) book. That’ll help me out tremendously; up till now, had been unable to get it going.