Revised manuscript just sent to Westbow!

Confirmation received at 6.30 my book was sent to the printer.  Looks to be live the end of November.

Got so much done yesterday. Checked out the final proofs, made it over halfway through. Only have found four or five minor things till now, a few of which may be publisher errors. Another is a repetition of a word. Again, possibly a publishing goof. Otherwise, I feel terrible. For, I had thoroughly critiqued it before I sent it to them the last time. Got ahold of my website designer. Sounds like we’ll soon be putting the book cover on the site, as well as some keywords for search engines.

If I haven’t given this information regarding where the book can be obtained, here goes: I will personally have many copies to sell; Westbow Press catalog; Amazon/Google search;, Barnes and Noble see-inside-the-book; and as an ebook (several options: nook, kobo … might mention the others later). Sounds like it may be available online, or via ebook, before we have the hard copies. I may have a social media site, press release, and book trailer, too. Three weeks and counting! Excited to see what God will do.

Just spoke to my Westbow Press design team. He’s ready to send the revised proofs to me. Then two weeks from whenever I return them, the book goes live. PTL!

Got the final book cover proofs today, looks good. Waiting to see the final text treatment and trust no errors will be found. Read some online tips from my friend and her online writing business in Ohio. A lot of work today on the ‘Labor of Love’ text. Had the sweetest talk with Brandi and Gavin this afternoon. Great hearing Gavin’s little voice. He remembered me! Can’t wait to see them next week, and praying for a miracle. Hope the ‘Till Death Do Us Part’ arrives tomorrow. I have a good deal of time to work on it and evaluate whether the changes were made correctly.

I’ve had several ask me how book #1 is coming along. As way of an update:

Yesterday I sent my revised ePROOFS back to the publisher.
Final approval should be in a few weeks.
Printer set-up (+ a final quality check) takes 3 weeks.
Printer copy 3 weeks from then.
Author copies 2 weeks later
(so. . .ten weeks or so, should have it “Till Death Do Us Part” published.
Retail distribution, printed and digital formats, available, then, 4-6 weeks later.

Busy, busy. Had to meticulously comb through and sort through the proofs, first round of my book (Till Death Do Us Part) Westbow returned, to see if there were any errors. Got 50 ‘free’ corrections. Ended up using 40 something, though three were errors on their end. Looked at the publishing timeline and we’re still a long way away (11 weeks or so). Have gotten very involved in my second project, too. Exciting, yet hear wrenching, to do the research on Mitochondrial Disease and visit with the family involved. But they’re happy about things, to be able to get the word out and help others. Lovely.

Got a lot done today on “Till Death Do Us Part.” Nearly ready to send the proofs back to Westbow. Met with the family regarding my second book this afternoon. Had some bad news recently. Please pray urgently with me for a cure for Mitochondrial Disease.

My round of ‘free’ corrections I’m making to the ‘Till Death Do Us Part’ manuscript have just begun. It’ll take a while. Target date to be done: next Friday (10/25). It’s getting exciting. Almost there, baby.

Happy for what got done today. Spent a lot of time on my Till Death Do Us Part project while the boys were at school. Only need to review a few more things, then it will be submitted. Yahoo! After school, we went and saw Gavin, the subject of my next book. He was a little under the weather today. Many prayers. Dana took Alyssa to Busch Gardens, they loved the one on one time.

Had a full day. Glad Dana could do the school thing today. That allowed me to get a lot done on my book. Still finishing things up. . .checks and double-checks. To make a sample modification sheet tomorrow with the planned changes, then to read it thru with them, and fill it out on the online form, and send it in. Will take a few more days.