One item of note….spoke with a kind (anonymous) lady at the park a few moments around lunchtime. Expressed interest in my book for various reasons. Glad to have had one in my car for her to read. Say a prayer for her.

The quest to be grateful continues. Much to give thanks for today. Able to spend some time working on the case studies for my next project. (And finished the changes based on the professional edit of the second edition of my debut book. And created a post-appendix section (if there is such a thing). Or we’ll make it another chapter. TBD. Now to implement them and send the manuscript back to Tate. Got a little reading done. Excited to share the info with those in my case study. Probably up till 1 or 2 tonight. Happy for a late night drink from Circle K. To conclude the children’s time in a moment by giving Alyssa a late math lesson. Unreal the tricks I’m learning. And this from the second-grade edition of her book. Appreciating Neuroplasticity. Techniques a good friend is showing me. Has me working on relaxing my hand and the tendons. Gave me a “brain” to squeeze. Helping very much. So glad to be able to play the piano again, even if very slow while relearning to operate the left side. Sharps and flats very difficult. May get to play a baby grand soon. Thankful for unlimited texting. I so could’ve used a beach day today to gather my thoughts, if you could understand that. Maybe soon. Watched SuperGirl tonight, glad for the DVR. Again, wasn’t understood (good time with family, though). Scorpion I get, but not SuperGirl. Tatoo tomorrow, preceded by lunch with the one who is right most of the time. Dana, too. LOL Many things done on or for my case studies for my next project with Tate Publishing- happy they’ll allow me to publish under my own name- Excited about taking Alyssa to the park later in the week. Loves to swing. Perhaps at Hammond Stadium, where the Minnesota Twins practice. Might get to see them- not.


Randy made his first visit to our house for an initial consult/session with me. Absolutely phenomenal time with him today.

1 The brain squeeze toy he had given me last Saturday at the Brain Fair in Naples is already doing wonders, enabling my arm to not droop spastically, allowing me to use it in a (limited) way with some fine-motor tasks
2 Sat with me for over an hour talking and assessing my (lack of) skills and the functionality of my left hand
3 Carefully guided me in learning to relax my hand, fingers, and muscles; this is my goal
4 Indicated I might make good progress in his program, Neuroplasticity.
5 Discussed the part he will play as a case study in my next book. May have to rethink how to incorporate the case studies, specifically his and the role of neuroplasticity, but thinking it can be done.

(Able to now play the piano with both hands; taking it slow at first and only basic- how exciting, nonetheless)



Questions I have:

I. Define
II. History and how you got started
III. Improvements permanent?
IV. Carry ball for the rest of your life?
V. Will client ever regress or will spasticity return?
VI. Cost? Irrelevant

VII. Tenets
A. New neural pathways created between the brain and the arm
B. Got to want it, fight hard for it, it’s a long process
C. “Like walking from FL to NY”
D. Brain injury: if I don’t keep up with everything you teach me every day of my life. . .got to keep at it every day.
E. Keep stretching your hand and moving your fingers
F. Retrain your brain
G. Processing cognitively
H. Brain games, find correct correlation
I. End result: “Wow, I can control my fingers”
J. One day, be able to build your own filters and things will be less distracting
K. Hardest journey you’ve ever taken
L. But would take (his) current self any day of the year over who (he) was five minutes before (his) (motorcycle) wreck

Excited to get some of my passwords reset tonight: GoDaddy, website/blog, etc. Happy tonight to have figured out, with Dana’s help, how to begin the process of editing the second edition of TDDUP. Excited for a meeting tomorrow with my first peer counselee with the hospital. Thankful for all the reading and research I’ve been able to get done recently. Appreciate befriending the gal the other night at Panda Express, whom I took a book today. What a great friend who happens to work at Steak and Shake. Still haven’t been able to take the online courses, logo/website help, an author platform, and one more. Oh, that there was more time. . .or someone to take them for me and give me the notes. Wishful thinking.

It’s been an absolutely splendid day. The Brain Fair this afternoon was fantastic. The happy part was seeing all the people, the sad part learning of all their impairments. Unfortunate as it may sound- for the umpteenth time, only the afflicted would truly know the extent of their incapability. I despise the word “disability,” and its connotation; I am sure my friends would, as well. Delightful time with Miss Brittany. Wow, what a story and a great personality. Can’t wait to include her in my next project as one of the case studies. One gentleman I met there has a remarkable story and encouraged me to be using my left hand more, every chance I get. Whenever I had to leave from the time in Naples, Dave Smith was more than congenial. Totally wrote directions how to get home for me; but then he recruited another gal who was leaving to drive ahead of me and show me the way.

Back to Brittany….first of all, prior to leaving, we sat on the couch and shared stories. Hers will make your jaw drop. Think her vehicle was so smashed, the Jaws of Life (can’t remember) had to pry her out of her mangled vehicle. We shared many similarities. As we were speaking, it was so easy talking to her. Like a long-lost friend. Only we know our unique situation(s) and what it is/they are like. Brain injuries or other medical impairment must be that way. Anyway, I thought our time together and visit could not have been more perfect. After several presentations at the Brain Fair, she seemed depleted due to a nasty migraine. Happy she was able to sneak off and get some rest. We’re thankful for all we’ve been given and blessed with.

Invited to a Brain Fair in Naples this afternoon. Believe Dave Smith, Miracles Among Us, is helping put it together. Very excited about that. Been in regular contact with a dear friend I recently met at Lee Memorial Hospital’s Trauma Survivor’s monthly support group meeting. Going with Miss Brittany. Has such an encouraging story, but a dramatic struggle. Really wrestling with her new normal, today fighting a migraine. Whether or not it is related to the plate in her head, or today’s weather, is an unknown. Hoping a quick nap helps subside her pain.

A long but phenomenal day. Nick and Linda schooled me in tennis, a small group from Next Level church I joined. Nick is a great teacher!

I used to work with Navajo Indians. Met a real one, that is, from India today. Sat next to this delightful young lady on a flight, Tasneem Sheikh. Had a lot of exciting medical tips for me. Is a licensed accupuncturist and offered to help me find one. Very excited. Might could help neurologically, medically, and/or physically with my left extremities. For instance, she showed me a pressure point or something on my left hand, which totally relaxed it. Thankful for my new friend. And who knows? Maybe this could be worked into my next book.

Happy to run into my friend, the pianist, from Bethel church at Walmart. I heard a familiar voice, then “Hey brother.” So good to see Benny.

Then many hours tonight working on my project. Well, it’s almost 1 a.m., which means it is almost 2 a.m. Thank you, Daylight Savings Time. Not.