So I’m at Taco Bell, right? On the way up to get a refill of my drink before leaving, I happened to say hello to another patron. Miss Jessica and her little son were enjoying their lunch. They’d just walked from Walmart, which wasn’t too far away. But it wasn’t too hot yet. Offered to give them a ride back to their car. Know you shouldn’t do that but I did.

They declined and we began talking about my book and writing projects. Expressed much interest in ‘Till Death Do Ua Part,’ and they happen to live not far from us. Seemed like they understood the subplot of having a brain injury and being forever changed. May meet them or something soon to give them a copy.

Miss Jessica also comment commented how trying and overwhelming it would be as us for parents to watch our own young children having to go through something like that. Blessed. And it’s a blessing to bless others.

At lunch today with Alyssa at Taco Bell, we happened to sit by a gal with her two young children, ages 1 and 3. Got to talking and she said she and her husband really wanted to read my book. Said they’ll review it for me on Amazon (thank you, Miss Jessica and husband), then pass it along to others. We’re trying to expose awareness of brain injuries….which is why I’m putting this next book together. Slowly.

Loving the brain injury support group on facebook that I’m a part of. Wonderful to have a group of people all over the world who have been affected by brain trauma and realize and comprehend what each other is going through. Most of these would be brain injuries and it does include a number of caregivers and medical personnel. Privilege to have a good relationship with a number of them. Messaging several on fb and usually speaking to another on the cellphone on a regular basis. Jamie and Asheley, two brain injury survivors who are combatting this wicked condition without physical symptoms in a way have a harder time. In a way a blessing, but in another quite unfortunate in that the majority of people do not understand the intricacies of their/our condition. (Just with my physical impairments it may be more obvious.) Most people usually do not take the time of day to understand or rationalize that they are not making up their impairments, their symptoms and unfortunate characteristics up. And so glad I’m thinking of this late at night now….maybe some of it can be used in an upcoming book I’m working on. Excited to get to work with Jamie nearly every other month; and those locally from the hospital’s brain injury support group on a more frequent basis, and also my other friend from church who was in my small group. Yes, it is a delight but also a tragedy there are so many of us. This only represents a sample. If research from my book holds true, unless more frequent now, a TBI occurs every fifteen seconds.