Lettuce begin at lettucewrite. Lettuce see what a fine day. Well, the work has just begun. Printed out the first draft/manuscript of The Book of James. Took some time. Had to run and get more toner for my printer and more paper. It is 250 pages typewritten. Added 50 more pages, copied and pasted from another manuscript. Let the editing begin. Step one of 49 complete

Spoke to my editor yesterday, pleased with how things are coming along. So glad no definite time line or deadlines, but making the most of the time. Am spending well over half of my days contemplating the manuscript, continuously notating new thoughts and ideas as they come to mind, and communicating with Debby, James’ mother, my editor, and dear friend Madeline. Which brings up a thought I just had:  ‘You don’t know how valuable or invaluable you can be in any given situation at any moment. You are continuously shaping others’ perception of you in all you do.’ Wow, should’ve been a writer, or speaker. Maybe down the road. I’m thankful for friends and I’m thankful for Jesus.

Feels so good to be involved in this writing project, THE BOOK OF JAMES. Still saddening the predicament of my friend and the grief of his parents. It is a touching experience and blessed time to be alive. Continue to pray for Jim and Debby, his parents.

Plugging away on the manuscript. Thankful for the help and direction of my editor. Later we will really dig into it comprehensively. Happy to receive a text yesterday from Debby. Sounds like she is faring better. Wonderful lunch with my pastor from Ocean church today. TY Pastor Josh! So, things coming along. The typewritten book currently 179 pages, 39,000 words. Believe brighter days are coming.

Had a blast night till 2 a.m. Thoughts kept coming, so I kept writing. So so tired, I was able to sleep 6 hours! Very refreshed. A lot of good ideas at McDonald’s before an appointment this morning, glad to be taking my notebook everywhere. Ended up developing some potential chapter titles last night. TBD. Got my desk cleaned up today and most of the papers organized.

Busy, busy day. A lot of thinking, a lot of ideas, a lot of writing. Invaluable to be texting back and forth between my dear friend and editor and also the contributor, the mother of the son we’re writing about. Could not do this without them. Thankful six eyes are on the team. Think at last count, in its first draft being created, we’re at 150 pages and 34,000 words. (I believe my debut book was something like 23,000 words.) But that is WITHOUT James’ mother, Debby, having giving me too much information yet. So a lot of editing and additions down the road. Looking forward to meeting them soon. Many big stages in book production: researching, composing, editing, verifying and confirming EVERY source (as with all books, one chance to get it right), submission, copyright permission, brief/basic editorial review from the publishing staff, resubmission, creating the book cover, publisher sample book to us, one last check of the manuscript, authorization for the release of the final product, creation of a book trailer YouTube video, learning how to access the social media package, potentially creating a website for the Clary’s. So….a long road ahead. Glad we are excited and motivated and committed to turning my friend’s life into a story….who said movie? The sky is the limit.

Gonna make this one LONG post rather than four brief ones.
1.Short-term memory, it’s a killer for a lot of people, but has invaded our world mercilessly. Just like I often forget simple things like what I ate for the last meal (sometimes it’s one of those, ‘Well, I FEEL full, so must have eaten” lol).I cannot remember my prior posts online either, but the things I’m talking about right now are what’s up. Could not locate the segment in the book where I’m talking about taking advantage of today; doing things NOW. We’re not assured of tomorrow, let alone another breath. Tell your family you love them today. Tomorrow may be one day too late.

2. Lately been getting 4-5 hours sleep, good thoughts coming at all hours; must write them down or they’re gone. And because I have been taught to persevere (back in the day, years of therapy: breathe, swallow, walk, talk, study, eight years post-secondary, twelve years a teacher…..). I am motivated about this manuscript and the potential it has to spread the word about brain injuries, hopefully heal or aid spousal neglect, and be an inspiration to my late friend and his family…..and all the possibilities we’re envisioning for down the road.

3. I will mention the other books I am writing:
1. Life Post-Divorce
2. Contentment
3. Brain Injury/PTSD
4. Autism
5. Mitochondrial Disease

4. So grateful to be working in collaboration with Debby and Justine. They, and their input, fantastic and will become more invaluable as time progresses. Thankful.

A dear friend of mine in Sacramento contacted me after my debut book was published. X marks the spot. His parents got ahold of me late November 2020 and delivered some awful news. Self-explanatory based on the book’s title. We are in the midst of composing a thorough narrative, detailing his life and experience with a brain injury. Collaborating hand in hand with his dear parents, Debby and Jim, and my sweet friend and editor, Justine Jackson. We are hopeful for the right opportunities to come about and have big dreams. Please pray for us, most of all his parents.