Good capitalized with the intent to refer to God is good….all the time. Busy day: youngest started Girl Scouts after school. Seems to be a good-behavior incentive. A lot of research for my next writing project. Makes me so thankful to have improved as far as I have. It’s like look around, enjoy the beauty you see with your eyes and the privilege it is to be alive. Interesting comment on a previous post on the blog here and happened to call the gentleman this morning. A closed brain injury, as well. Allegedly no physical impairments; his are more neurological and cognitive. Sounds like his emotions get the best of him at times. Struggles with depression and negative thoughts. (And Dana and a lot of my family thought it was just me and my tendency towards pessimism.) Please pray for my friend. Don’t believe sharing his name here would be unwelcome: James. It would be a God-thing for his marriage to be restored and his estranged wife to be overcome by grace, compassion, love, and understanding. That is definitely how I’m interceding. I’ve seen first-hand this God-thing in my own life. Matthew 19:26 keeps coming to mind: “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.” Grace, grace. God’s grace. We need it now.

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