The hand of God leads, guides, and directs us. The hand of God orchestrates all things to work together for our good. The hand of God gives us so much more than we deserve. The hand of God occasionally strips us of intellect, proper reasoning, rationalizing, and coping skills.

Though my brain trauma occurred in my youth, its manifestations often plague the daylights out of me. Someone close may say, “Oh look at him. He has it all together.” Not so, thus the subtitle of my new book- ‘Brain Injury, Divorce and New Beginnings.’ So yes, I did lose it all, but what I gained via the hand of God was priceless. My memory is gone; yet I compensate. Along with other brain injury survivors, I have learned coping strategies to put on a good front. Though, I have no more idea what I was doing an hour ago than the man in the moon. (Yes I do. Upon reediting, I was writing the initial paragraph an hour previous.)

With my cognitive struggles having been greatly impaired, I am now more sensitive to the struggles of others. I try to be compassionate. It is sometimes hard but my goal. My emotions shift like the Hawaiian seashore. They exasperate some, especially me, highs and lows. All from the hand of God. Behaviorally, I think I am doing alright and acting perfunctorily (hello Forrest:) missed you today).

You may remember my dramatic and repulsive struggle with forgiveness. As my memory is shot, I intensively struggle with forgiving folks who wrong me; or if I am the one in the wrong, this also besets me. Forgiveness and brain trauma actually had been a tentative subplot in my most recent manuscript. To this day–even now–this topic can devastate my world like nothing else. At the expense of God? At the hand of God? Or, permitted by God, perhaps.

Lately I have been invited into the throne room of God and gotten to behold His Presence. Answered prayer after answered prayer we have witnessed. I don’t believe He wants me to mention the requests for which we prayed, however I will my enlightening, insightful, reverential, respectful, and respectable prayer partner, Deanna Drake. It is more than a pleasure hearing her heart cry to the Lord.

Her story may be one of many we’re fixing to weave into the ‘New Beginnings’ portion of my book. Her life is absolutely incredible. From how it was reshaped, what she has been through, to what she is doing with it. Absolutely astonishing how remarkable her life is becoming. Believe the hand of God has gifted this young lady with awesome signs and wonders. Next post will tell of more of the survivors whose story will also be included.

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