No, not McDonald’s. But lovin’ the excellent day. Got so much done. Maybe tomorrow I’ll remember the exact sequence of events. Wait a minute. Met a marvelous young lady, Deanna Drake, at Taco Bell. See there? That’s why I was loving it. Run for the border, baby. Anyway, just like many do not realize I have a brain injury (until maybe they see my physical symptoms and inquire), they can not rationalize Deanna’s plight, who has a brain injury as well. Not that you’d know it. It’s almost like she’s up a creek without a paddle. The majority of folks in the world do not understand us, the brain-injured. They cannot understand us. Unless you have had a TBI, you don’t know what we’re talking about. Only in theory could you try to comprehend. I have read a few books by physicians who have been brain-injured and they talk about it. Very insightful. You better believe their struggle is real. So, most people cannot understand us and accurately, nor we them, but often wonder to myself who it is that has more capacity to comprehend the situation, us or normal people? Spouses often grumble “Well I’m not normal. I have this or that wrong.” Wonder how many times I heard that one. How would they like having to function and compensate with half a mind or their beleaguered mind having had to repair neurons and brain signals just to function at the lesser capacity in which they do? If the shoe were on the other foot, might be a different story. Anyway, what a blessing to meet Miss Deanna; and what an encouragement we can be to each other.

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