Well, deep subject.  Where to begin?  This has been a learning curve.  The same God of our forefathers, the One whom Abraham trusted and sacrificed his son, Isaac, on the altar, ALMOST.  The same God who closed the mouths of the lions when Daniel was in the den.  The same God who impelled David to slay the giant, Goliath, with one stone; the other four stones, coincidentally, were for his four brothers.

When we are down, when we are backed up against a wall, never fear.  It may be hard to be patient and trust the Lord.  He is my deliverer.  My strong tower, in Whom I take refuge.  He will not cast us away.  Though the going gets tough, the tough line their lives up with the Word of God.  My strong tower.  I will not be afraid.

It is amazing in the years since the divorce what opportunities have come my way.  The churches I have been part of, the small groups I have led, the Bible studies.  I have taken a more active role in the Fort Myers Lee Memorial (hospital) trauma unit for brain injury survivors.  It makes me grateful to come alongside others suffering with this “invisible disability,” the majority appearing ‘normal’, without physical impairment.

I cannot begin to name all the friends and family that have helped me.  I appreciate them so much.  One mentor stands out in particular, Dr. Beck Carter.  Nearly daily my counselor touches base with me and steers me in the right direction.  He is my go-to for advice.  Such a godly man.  The interesting story, Dr. Beck Carter is the name of the character he plays in one of my next books: my counselor, my friend.

A few quotes from my research:

(We) wish for a day, an hour, ten minutes, you go walk in our shoes and experience what we’re experiencing.

We wouldn’t wish a brain injury upon our worst enemy.

Brain injury is the last thing you think about, until brain injury is the only thing you think about.

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