So happy for a seven-plus hours editing so far on the manuscript. Excited to hear what Debby thinks, based on the dream section I’ve envisioned. For all that God has helped me do and the thoughts He has given. They say certainly inspired; also that James and I were inextricably linked. Yes, a common bond shared by those who know what brain injury truly is. Even doctors, parents, caregivers….some try to understand and do their research. Some try to understand. Some try to read up so they can better accommodate the brain injured. Unfortunately they can’t really understand. Debby does not like to say challenged, she does not like to refer to us as impaired. Plain and simple: injured. We are grateful for those who are empathetic and do their best to understand. Excited to see what Debby thinks of the chapter division and so forth. Thankful for my next trip to Sacramento, several more interviews and to meet the filmmaker.

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