Read Psalm the first part of Psalm 119 before anything. Left the house at 5.30 for some study at McDonald’s. Great to see my friends but too noisy, so didn’t last too long. By 7.45 I was at Tropical Smoothie for a quick bite of breakfast. Went to the bench outside the store just before 8 and waited some more. Nothing doing. So they don’t open till 9 apparently on the weekend.

Made it to church by 8.45 and sat outside listening to the sermon again on the tv monitors. Remembered some but not all. Liked hearing it again. Soon went inside to wait and prepare for meeting the pastor after the service.

Cory Demmel strolled over and listened to a brief life history of me. Seemed excited. What a great honor to visit with him. I gave him a copy of each of my books. In ‘The Book of James,’ I happened to quote him quite a bit and used some of the church’s theology. Two things I’d invite you: check out the church and/or my book, and enter Derek A. Tong in the search bar.

Pastor Cory’s joining me to pray for the book’s outreach, that it reaches whom it may and points people to the truth and perhaps saves their marriage or other relationships.

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