It’s a tree, it’s a flying branch, it’s Aluminum man. Fabulous conversation yesterday at the park who’s giving me a quote on installing our hurricane shutters. Maybe the ‘H’ word is bad here. Rolando Ramirez and his company will look at our situation soon.

We exchanged stories. Seemed they were interested in what we’d been through and found it fascinating. Long story short, they got one of our books. He had a similar take on things happening for a reason. In short, nothing but the grace of God. (A shout out to Dana for getting me a TATTOO last week (Romans 8.28). Just one so far, envisioning more.)

More from Rolando. . .had gotten a call from his brother who had been doing construction work up on a 15-20 foot roof. Happened to have fallen off, smacked his head hard on the concrete. Went to the hospital, full catscan…..NO INJURIES. How about them apples? Same day Rolando got a call from his buddy. Had been a semi-truck driver, jumped out and landed on his feet, but tore several ligaments and had to have surgery on his knee.

Puts things in perspective.

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