Editing ‘The Book of James’ for the 25th time. Still so many errors. Blessed my church friend, Andria, is beginning to read it and helping me edit.

Had a good discussion on the final night of my trip with Miss Terrion from Comfort Suites. So interested in ‘Till Death do us Part’ (wish I would’ve had a copy to give her) and ‘The Book of James.’ She’s excited about what’s to come.

Krystilet, the lively ticket agent at Delta in New Orleans, was very curious about my projects. We talked about the books and opportunities in Louisiana. She represented the finest in airline staff and made special accommodations for me. Lovely to make new friends.

So glad for my time in Louisiana. Loved the time away and chance to think and write undistracted. Time went so fast between all the book promotion opportunities and presentations and everything. Interesting the way things work out. The family I stayed with also impacted by brain injury, their dear father. For now until the upcoming book comes out, Google brain injury characteristics for a sneak peek of it.

Thank you, John and Maria

Thankful for a breakfast meeting with Dr. Carter last Saturday a week ago. Wonderful discussion. Had been so long. Encouraged me in the direction of the book.

A triply good day yesterday. Breakfast meeting with my advisor and counselor, Dr. Beck Carter. Such a good friend. Hadn’t had an appointment with him in a while. Good to catch him up on my progress with the book. Fortunately gave me a break on his weekend rates. Then I laid The Book of James aside and did a little writing on my upcoming book project. Tentatively, it’s titled ‘Loved: A Story of Survival.’ However, I might change it to ‘Betrayed.’ The plot was mentioned by my friend, Rosabel. How through the tragedy and aftermath of divorce and other unfortunate circumstances (like death or other loss), the Lord has held us closely. So it is both interesting and a blessing as Jesus is helping me think of the words and book development. So something else to occupy my spare time lol. As you can see, it will be a corollary to its former work, The Book of James. Then I was happy to conclude the year by talking to and texting Dr. Benny Carter, Jr. So many good ideas. So 2022 ended with a bang (a lot of fireworks were going off) on a happy note; and 2023 begins with a heavy schedule. Happy New Year and happy to be alive.

I appreciate it when people inquire about the book I am writing. Whether their questions of “When will it be done?” are feigned interest, a talking point, or genuine care and curiosity, I thought about outlining the steps remaining for me onĀ The Book of James and directing future questions to the website.

1. Am on my 27th edit (probably twelfth print) currently, going over the manuscript and noting additional words or things I have overlooked

2. Will keep doing that and editing until thoroughly satisfied

3. Often am asked if I have a deadline. Yes, very soon.

4. Need to return to California: more filmed interviews, questions for the family, community members, the children’s journals, etc.

5. See if they are pleased with what I have put together

6. (Maybe to occur after step two), meeting with Andria from church for guidance from her

7. Continually refining

8. Travel to see my new friend in Ohio who will really assist in getting the book polished and ready to go

9. Choose publishing companies; have two or three contracts now

10. Submit to publisher

11. They will review the book

12. After re-submission with corrections, need to choose a book cover

13. Approve page/chapter layout.

14. On and on

15. Finally….ASAP but likely years later, a finished product, the testimony of my friend, James

It is getting real, more so by the day. Hours upon hours of continually poring over and refining the manuscript, ‘The Book of James.’ So happy at the Christmas program last night to discuss the project with various folks. Two kind gentlemen actually laid their hands on me and prayed. It doesn’t seem like it but may become a quality book. Never forget. This originated at the expense of one man’s life. One of the theses of the book contends that each moment of your life contributes to the legacy you are leaving behind.

I am filled with honor and gratitude to have made contact through another online forum with an attorney up North. Interesting…she resides near the city of my birth. It turns out my new friend is a writer and has offered to be the editor of the book. So thankful. Need all the help I can get. Up till now, those who have said they would assist have failed me.

Ecstatic. I printed the 26th edition last Saturday; as well as a copy for Andria, my local church friend who may help guide me. So excited about what lies ahead. And for the time and capacity to do this.

At Staples this morning I made a copy of my book for Andria, my friend from church who’s going to help me edit in January or soon. Took a long time, Staci that worked there was so friendly. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a gal picking up business cards for her roofing company. Well, Hannah began a conversation with me. First, that they could come give my roof an inspection post-Ian. How wonderful, before the summer rains next year. Then I briefed her on my writing projects. How cool was that, to find one not only quite interested, but also a believer and also from my church. She read a few pages of The Book of James when it was finished being printed and seemed impressed. She shared the story of a co-worker’s dealing with a brain injury or one in his family. Wow, my heart goes out. Trust, pray, and seek God for a miracle; for His will to be done. So we’ll see what God does from our “coincidental” meeting today (Romans 8.28). Love all, serve all.

Never would have thought
Miracle after miracle
Struggle upon struggle
Separated, reconciled
Stronger together

Jesus- leader, mender, healer
Fusing hearts
Joining lives
Walking by faith
Living by grace
Leading hopefully
Trusting wholly

Thy will be done
Omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscient
Yahweh Yireh
Jehovah Jireh
Our healer
Touched by grace
Never would have thought

In a relationship, you need commitment. In a marriage, you need commitment. Where two friends are inseparably joined, you need commitment. Commitment to stick with always….come what may. Commitment through thick and thin, to stay. In sickness and health, regardless one’s state of mind or mental capacity or capability, the resolve to stick it out. The resolve to persist. The resolve to cherish and honor. The resolve to honor that commitment you have made. Such commitment would be till death do you part. Even when times get rough.

This paragraph on commitment came from my heart but very well could encapsulate one of the themes of The Book of James.