Still working feverishly on ‘The Book of James.’ Took a break this afternoon and chatted with Miss Erika Green, from Grand Canyon University. We had a good discussion about the doctoral program at that school…Doctor of Philosophy in General Psychology: Cognition and Instruction (Qualitative Research.) A lot of options to think about.

Been considering dissertation topics already:
1. How memory works
2. Invisible disability
3, Mainstream vs. special ed
4. Learning outcomes
5. Agility with numbers
6, Reception/perception of messages
7. Verbal and nonverbal differences
8. Can anything be done about a stifled memory?
9. Is ’50 First Dates’ realistic?
10. Legitimate comparisons of a TBI
11. TBI, ADHD, Autism: is there a lesser evil
12. Can you call brain injury a blessing or a curse?
13. Brain injury survivors’ learning styles and behaviors compared to ‘normal’ learners
14. Are statistics with brain injury reliable?
15. Why the brain injured misunderstand so much?
16. How can TBI be compensated for in the workforce?
17. Suicide and brain injury: correlations, statistics, how to counteract?
18. Why the effects of TBI are difficult to understand or comprehend
19. The impact of trauma on a community
20. Parental and community support
21. Standards of care
22. Impact of SSDI: financial and stigmatism
23. Why is it noted as a pre-existing condition?
24. Gainfully employed vs. not
25. Cooperative learning vs. individualized instruction

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