It is happening.
What is happening?
It is.
Good stuff
Bad stuff
We like good stuff
Good stuff is happening
A lot of it
A little bad stuff
It is
A little
A teency, weency little
Mostly good stuff

Excellent visiting with my cousin and husband recently. Had fun recollecting our life journeys and experiences. They shared the joys of parenting, numerous strategies, tricks, and pitfalls to avoid. They helped me envision another book project several years down the road. After the autism book, mitochondrial disease, brain injury/PTSD, and The Bahamas. May not necessarily be written in that order but already an interested publisher.

I am on the 12th edit/revision stage of The Book of James. Some say too much editing, but still so much I have missed. Sounds like Debby and Jim are doing well. As pleased as punch when they received a copy of the 11th manuscript. Don’t tell, but sounds like Mr. Jim is wanting some more golf lessons. Planning to tee it up before long with him….hope I don’t scalp him. Told him my winter rates apply.

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