A triply good day yesterday. Breakfast meeting with my advisor and counselor, Dr. Beck Carter. Such a good friend. Hadn’t had an appointment with him in a while. Good to catch him up on my progress with the book. Fortunately gave me a break on his weekend rates. Then I laid The Book of James aside and did a little writing on my upcoming book project. Tentatively, it’s titled ‘Loved: A Story of Survival.’ However, I might change it to ‘Betrayed.’ The plot was mentioned by my friend, Rosabel. How through the tragedy and aftermath of divorce and other unfortunate circumstances (like death or other loss), the Lord has held us closely. So it is both interesting and a blessing as Jesus is helping me think of the words and book development. So something else to occupy my spare time lol. As you can see, it will be a corollary to its former work, The Book of James. Then I was happy to conclude the year by talking to and texting Dr. Benny Carter, Jr. So many good ideas. So 2022 ended with a bang (a lot of fireworks were going off) on a happy note; and 2023 begins with a heavy schedule. Happy New Year and happy to be alive.

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