Good doctors take plastic (credit cards). (Randy _______), in my mind, may be better, and took nothing. No, not free. Accepted an I.O.U. as we were out of checks. Unbelievable progress today. Spent less than half of our time together on the occupational/physical therapy side. Results nothing less than astonishing. All about relaxing my wrist. Don’t want to steal too much of his thunder. The next book I’m working on, have a publisher and all that, very exciting. I’ve started to formalize the chapters and lay some of the foundation, or development. An entire section, I believe, will be devoted to his groundbreaking science/work in Neuroplasticity. Excited to find out all I can and implement in my own life. Never thought further recovery was possible at this point. He’s helping retrain my brain cognitively and relearn specific muscle, tendon, and motor control. Installed a program for me on my computer, Brain Games. May try some techniques to assist my walking. Right now, also, focusing on perceptual improvements; namely, balance.

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