When the day began, I was lovin’ it. Minimal sleep last night beside the point, but got recharged at McDonald’s. That’s why I was lovin’ it:) Had a few errands to take care of this morning. Will have to remember to contact Harmon’s Photography tomorrow for two spare dvd’s. Making one, then copies, of my accident video. Don’t know what happened to the one from Ohio I’d had done. Oh well. A little after 12 today, Randy Curro, came. Did quite a bit of talking, had great stories, great ideas. Very impressed by the strides I’d made this week in his program. Hopefully we’ll get my friend interested, BL. He did make us an offer. A shame more people did not teach neuroplasticity, I told him. Oh well. Hopefully we’ll help promote the program in the new book we’re doing in the works. Ran some errands this afternoon. Time almost to go to a favorite beach area/lookout spot on the river but didn’t make it. Some great ideas came to mind moments ago for my friend battling throbbing headaches.

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